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Hi there, I'm Leah from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Monday the 28th of February.

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We have all the gossip from the Oscars.

The Irish take their revenge at the polls.

And a thrilling weekend for cricket fans!

First, to the most glamorous film award ceremony in the world! The Oscars. The biggest movie stars on the planet hit the red carpet for the Hollywood ceremony. Now, winning any Oscar is pretty amazing but the one all the movies are after is the award for Best Film - and this year it was Britain's turn to celebrate.

CLIP: "And the Oscar goes to...The King's Speech."

The King's Speech is all about how the Queen of England's father overcame a stammer. Not only did it win Best Film, but Colin Firth, who plays the main character, picked up the prize for Best Actor! That left the third biggest award of the night, the Oscar for Best Actress and that went to.....

CLIP: "I want to thank my parents - who are right there - for giving me the opportunity to work from such an early age, and for showing me every day how to be a good person human being by example."

And for today's question we want to know when the first ever Oscars ceremony was held?

Ok, now for an update on what's happening in Libya. The leader Colonel Gaddafi is still holding on to power. Despite having lost control of large parts of the country, he's still in charge of the capital, Tripoli - but this resident is hoping he will be forced out soon.....

CLIP: "Inshallah, he's going to leave the country. Sooner or later he's going to leave. Just now we must stay home. There is no schools, there is no office working, there is nothing.

At the same time, thousands of people are trying to leave the country. The BBC's reporter, who's on Libya's border with Tunisia, says around one thousand people an hour are crossing into the neighbouring north African country. Many of those people are Egyptians who were working in Libya. The problem is they don't have the money they need to get home and are stranded at the border.

Now for the latest in the Ireland election. The results of Friday's vote are in and the governing party, Fianna Fail were heavily defeated. Many people blame them for the country's massive money problems, which forced Ireland to take out a 90 billion dollar loan. Even though Fianna Fail did very badly, no other party won enough votes to take power by themselves. So now they're figuring out which political parties will make up the new government.

Finally, what a weekend for cricket fans! England and India remain unbeaten after a thrilling tie in the Cricket World Cup....

CLIP: "Two to win. In goes Patel, he bowls, Swann drives and it's well fielded at extra cover. They've only taken one but it's a tie."

England were set a huge total of 339 to win in Bangalore and they came really close thanks to a brilliant 158 from Andrew Strauss. But in the end they threw away the chance of victory after losing quick wickets.

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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