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Schools to become news gatherers

Students and mentor from Marden High School
Students at Marden High School on practice day

School Reporters are taking part in a pioneering project which mirrors the news gathering taking place at the BBC.

Schools who have taken part in School Report every year since it began in 2006/7, are graduating to the roles of "Reporters-in-the-field" and "News gatherers" to celebrate School Report's fifth anniversary.

As well as publishing their completed reports on their school websites, on 24 March, Reporter-in-the-field schools will be filing news updates, which reflect their progress throughout the day, to a News gathering school in their group.

Each of the News gathering schools will collate and upload the reports to a "Live events" page on their websites. Marden High School in North Shields, are already up and running with their Live events page, having tried it out on the School Report practice News Day in February.

A real experience

School Report's own news gathering team, based at TV Centre in London, will be covering the progress of the 42 schools taking part in this pilot project on News Day, so keep an eye on the seven-hour running commentary page to follow the action as it unfolds.

It's an opportunity to work with other schools across the north and hopefully begin new relationships
Joan Bloomfield, Marden High School, North Shields

Participating schools will have first-hand experience of a news gathering operation and how reports are fed into a central location where a team is responsible for collating and broadcasting them.

The Reporter-in-the field schools will feel the authentic pressure of finding news and communicating their updates clearly, while the News gathering schools will be racing against the clock to publish the updates quickly and accurately on their websites.

Working in partnership

The project has been welcomed by teachers who are excited at the prospect of working with other schools, especially those who are not near neighbours.

Teacher Joan Bloomfield from Marden High School said: "It's an opportunity to work with other schools across the north and to hopefully begin new relationships that we can use in other school projects beyond News Day."

There will be seven news gathering groups around the UK, each comprising of around six schools. Each news gathering school will have given their group a name, for example the Midlands and East Anglia group have called themselves Central Heartbeat. The groups are also recording a jingle to play in case the BBC ask them for a round-up on News Day.

If the pilot is a success, it is hoped that there will be more groups in the future and a chance to swap roles - for the Reporter-in-the-field schools to become News gathering schools and vice versa.


Schools that are taking part this year include*:

*Additional schools (that have taken part in the project for five years) will be added to list as they confirm.

The Orbital Hub - Central and North London Hub

Loreto College, St Albans

Camden School for Girls, Camden

Paddington Academy, Westminster, London

St Andrew's School, Bedford

The St Marylebone CE School, Westminster, London

Brentside Buzz Hub - West London and the West

Brentside High School, Ealing, London

Acton High School, Ealing, London

Charters School, Sunningdale

Reading School, Reading

Villiers High School, Southall

PlumLive Hub - South East London, Kent and Surrey

Plumstead Manor School, Greenwich

Barking Abbey Comprehensive School, Barking

Forest Hill Boys School, Lewisham

Guildford County School, Guildford

St Catherine's Catholic School for Girls, Bexley

Channel Hop Hub - The South and South West

Sir James Smith's Community School, Camelford

Coombeshead College, Newton Abbot

Dartmouth Academy, Dartmouth

La Mare de Carteret High School, Guernsey

Le Rocquier School, Jersey

Les Beaucamps School, Guernsey

Park Community School, Havant

Central Heartbeat Hub - Midlands and East Anglia

St John Wall Catholic School, Birmingham

Chantry High School and Sixth Form Centre, Ipswich

Longsands College, St Neots

Northgate High School, Dereham, Norfolk

North Walsham High School, Norfolk

Shepshed High School, Leicestershire

The Bemrose Community School, Derby

News Matters to Marden Hub - The North West and North East

Marden High School, North Shields

Ryburn Valley High School, Sowerby Bridge

Primrose High School, Leeds

Rainhill High School, St Helens

Trinity Church of England High School, Manchester

Wales High School, Sheffield

William Howard School, Brampton, Cumbria

Scotland and Northern Ireland Hub

Shawlands Academy, Glasgow

Kelso High School, Kelso

St Cecilia's College, Derry

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