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Hi there, I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Friday the 11th of February.

Coming up:

  • Meet the kids who have real life animal lessons.
  • An update on injured F1 star.
  • And we speak to the makers of Harry Potter!

But first, tens of thousands of protesters had their hopes crushed last night when Egypt's President Mubarak didn't quit his job. After two weeks of demonstrations, It had looked like the leader was about to go - but instead the President told the nation that he would stay put until elections are called. This was the reaction in Cairo's main square.......

CLIP:Chanting fx

They're saying 'The army and the people are one '- or so they hope! Protestors know they need the army's support to get Mubarak out. The army are very powerful in Egypt and it's difficult for the President to stay in power without their backing. So far, they haven't come down forcefully on either side, but as demonstrations get even more heated the army may decide whether they are going to use force to crush the protests, or stand back and let the calls for Mubarak to go grow even stronger!

Now, what lessons do you have at school today? Maths? Science? How about looking after farm animals? Well at one school in Lancashire, England that's exactly what's on the timetable. But it's definitely not one for the vegetarians out there. The animals they learn about end up on their dinner plate, so how does that feel....

CLIP: "Better that you know where it comes from because you know it's not been treated badly." I think the food here is really nice. The pigs might be cute but they taste a lot better."

Next up, Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica is out of intensive care, 5 days after his rallying crash. He's expected to have further operations on his foot, shoulder and elbow.

Now, loads of big stars will be hitting the red carpet in London this weekend for the BAFTA movie awards - and you can expect to see the Harry Potter starts all glammed up, because the film series is getting an award for their 'Outstanding Contribution' to British film. So how does it feel to get such a big prize? We've been catching up with Harry Potter Producer, David Heyman....

CLIP: "It's fantastic that The BAFTA are honouring the Harry Potter films. You know, it's six thousand people that we have on each of the films and I think each one of us is really proud."

Finally, we've got we have the answer to yesterday's question. We asked you wrote the play Romeo and Juliet? And the answer is ......William Shakespeare!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back on Monday. But just before we go we want to say a big hello to Saaya from Chiba in Japan, who listens to the bulletin every evening with her family. Great to hear from you Saaya, and if you want to let us know where in the world you are - e-mail us at


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