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Hi there, I'm Leah from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Thursday the 10th of February.

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A Mexican TV station takes BBC News off air.

The secret to making injections less painful.

And David Beckham saves the day.

First, to Mexico where a big TV station has taken BBC World News off air. They're angry about comments that were made on another BBC programme, Top Gear. Lots of people were upset when presenters on the popular car show made fun of Mexicans - making jokes about their food as well as the people. The BBC have said sorry for any offence caused, but many think the comments were racist and out of order.

Now, we've all been there, you go into the doctors to get an injection and the nurse tells you to look away while they go about their business. Well new research says that you would feel less pain if you watched the needle go in. Professor Patrick Haggard is one of the experts involved...

CLIP: "If you see the needle coming towards you sure, that's going to make you feel anxious and afraid. But there's a second process, which is looking at the body itself, and we've shown that looking at your own body reduces pain levels."

Researchers came to their conclusion by applying heat to the hands of volunteers. They stopped when it became too painful for them. They found that the volunteers could stand more heat when they could see what was going on!

OK, imagine this. Your car breaks down on the way to school. A man stops to help, walks over to the car, pulls back his hoodie's only David Beckham! He might be a football superstar but it didn't stop Becks giving a helping hand to a stranded family. Dad, Paul told the BBC what happened....

CLIP: "He asked if we were ok, to which I replied yes, but can you push us over to the side a bit. He obliged and with the emotion of it all I said 'David, thank you, I love you!'.

Now, It's being called the British Toy Story - Gnomeo and Juliet hits the cinema screens this week. It's all about two garden gnomes that fall in love, despite a feud between their families. I got to chat with garden gnome actors, Matt Lucas and Ashley Jensen. So what's it like doing a big animation movie like this one..

CLIP: "'Somebody else writes the lines, and you sit in the studio.' 'You don't even have to learn them' 'Yeah, you don't have to learn them. You sit on a chair, they give you a cup of tea.' 'Yeah!' 'And then you just say them and you go home in time for lunch.'"

The film is based on the age-old tale of Romeo and Juliet, and for today's question we want to know who wrote the original play? Yesterday we asked you how many different time zones Russia has? And the answer is ......9!

Now, before we go we've got an apology to make. On Monday we told you that Michigan's Green Bay Packers won the American Superbowl, when in fact the Packers are from Wisconsin! Thanks to Heather for e-mailing in and letting us know.

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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