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Hi there, I'm Sonali from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Friday the 4th of February.

Coming up:

  • New York wants to ban smoking in Times Square.
  • Rugby's 6 Nations kicks off.
  • And Harry Potter bags a big movie award!

But first - protesters in Egypt, in the Middle East, have spent the night camping out on the streets of Cairo, getting ready for another big day of demonstrations. They're hoping today will be the day that President Mubarak will resign. Among them is student, Mosa'ab. He's been demonstrating in the main square for the past week....

CLIP: "I can see now people are flooding from different entrances to Tahrir. We expect the same number as arrived last week, which was around two million. We expect the same at least, if not even more."

Yesterday, President Mubarak said he wanted to resign immediately but wouldn't because he's worried about leaving Egypt in chaos. Meanwhile, foreigners are fleeing the violence and heading back to their home countries - 16 year old Shukhria is one of them, she arrived into London last night after catching a special charter flight....

CLIP: "The riots, and the thugs, and how the streets are - really unsafe. It was dangerous to live there for foreigners, yeah, so we just had to leave."

Next up, Americans and Canadians are recovering from a monster winter storm that is now being blamed for 12 deaths across the two countries. The freezing temperatures have closed schools, destroyed buildings and had a huge impact on flights and roads. People in the mid-west are being warned that temperatures are set to plummet further, to below -34C.

Now, loads of countries around the world have banned smoking in public places like restaurants and cafes - but now New York is going one step further and trying to ban smoking outside! Officials there have voted to make it an offence to light up in the city's parks, beaches and even in the famous Times Square.

Next up, it's a big day in rugby - with the six nations tournament kicking off tonight. For the next six weeks England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy will be fighting for the big trophy. The first match will see Wales take on their English neighbours - so who's going to win?...

CLIP: "I think England will win because they beat Australia last time, and I think they'll have a higher chance of beating Wales." "We have a strong squad and we're going to beat the English!"

Harry Potter knows it's going to get one of the biggest British movie awards - a Bafta! The film series is being awarded a special Bafta for 10 years of movie magic. In total, they've received 28 Bafta nominations and five Oscar nominations. Potter star Daniel Radcliffe said he was thrilled and Emma Watson said it's a huge honour.

Finally, the answer to yesterday's question. It was all about the Chinese New Year - we wanted to know what animal represents this year? Well the answer is....the rabbit!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back on Monday - but until then we want to hear from you. Get in touch and tell us where in the world you're listening from - the address is


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