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Hi there, I'm Sonali from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Wednesday the 26th of January.

Coming up.

  • Protestors clash with the army in Egypt
  • Six months on from the Pakistan floods
  • And a shock exit from the Australian Open

First up. People have been protesting on the streets of Cairo because they're unhappy with their government. The demonstrators are worried about torture, poverty and unemployment in Egypt. The army used water cannons and tear gas against the protestors. Four people died during the clashes. Public gatherings and marches have now been banned there. Many of those on the streets said they had been inspired by the protests in Tunisia.

Tunisia has issued an international arrest warrant for its unpopular former President and his family. Protests on the streets about living conditions there led to President Ben Ali fleeing to Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

It's been six months since Pakistan was devastated by some of the worst flooding there ever. Millions were left homeless and living in tents - one of those people is ten-year-old Reshma, who spoke to the charity Oxfam.

CLIP: "We sometimes cry that we don't have anything here - back in the village we'd have crops. I've been separated from my friends and I really want to see them again, I miss my cousins. I don't want to be here, here I'm surrounded by strangers."

Next up. President Obama has made his third State of the Union speech. This is his first since his Democratic party lost control of the House of Representatives two months ago. He urged the parties to work together and said his priority was to help create jobs. He also asked the government in Egypt to deal peacefully with the street demonstrations.

Next. Big news for fans of Toy Story 3. It's been nominated for Best Picture and best Animation at this year's Oscars. It's only the third time an animated film has been nominated for Best Film. The Social Network, a film all about Facebook, is up for 8 Awards. And The King's Speech got 12 nominations - more than any other film this year. The winners will be announced next month.

Which brings us to today's question. In what year was the first Toy Story film released? We'll give you the answer tomorrow. Yesterday we asked you what's the full name for the T Rex? And the answer is Tyrannosaurus Rex

And last up Tennis. World number one Rafael Nadal is out of the Australian Open. He lost his match against fellow Spaniard David Ferrer in straight sets. Ferrer said it wasn't easy for him to win against his friend, especially because Nadal was injured.

CLIP: "Rafa is a gentlemen and he was playing injured. We are friendly and I did my game - I fight a lot. It's one victory for me, but it's not like a victory really."

Ferrer will now go on to face Britain's Andy Murray in the semi-finals.

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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