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Hi there, I'm Leah from the BBC World News for Schools. It's Tuesday the 25th of January.

Coming up.

  • Why the price of chocolate could go up.
  • An epic polar bear swim.
  • and a one claw dinosaur found.

First up. The explosion in Moscow's main airport yesterday is now known to have killed 35 people. More than 100 people were injured. The Russian President has blamed a lack of security for the attack. Politician Konstantin Kosachev said the Russian parliament now had to look at how to stop bombers in the future.

CLIP: "We need to analyse the security arrangements and of course we need to take additional measures to prevent people with this type of intentions to be able to come to places where there are many people."

Next up. The price of cocoa, which is used to make chocolate, has shot up because of political problems in the Ivory Coast. The president that was voted out in the elections there, Laurent Gbagbo has refused to give up power. So the elected President Allassane Ouattara has asked all the farmers to stop exporting the cocoa for a month. He is trying to force Gbagbo out of his job by putting financial pressure on him. Ivory Coast is the world's largest producer of cocoa

Scientists say a tiny distant cousin of T Rex has been discovered in China. The remains were found in sediments estimated to be between 75 and 84 million years old. It had one finger and a huge claw on each side. Michael Pittman is one of the scientists who found it.

CLIP: "It's called Linhenykus monodactylus. Linhe because of the place where it was bone, nykus because it means claw and monodactylus means one finger. It's about the weight of a large parrot, so you could easily carry it. This is in part because its bones are very hollow and light weight."

Which brings us to today's question. What's the full name for the T Rex? We'll give you the answer tomorrow.

Yesterday we asked you what was the name of the first man-made satellite which was launched in 1957? And the answer is Sputnik 1.

Next up. Scientists who were tracking a female polar bear found that she swam non stop for 9 days solid covering 687km! But the experts think the epic swim could be because of climate change. Conditions in the Beaufort Sea off Alaska have become more and more difficult for polar bears. The ice caps are melting so the distance between them is increasing forcing the bears to swim further and further.

Tennis. And Novak Djokovic will face Roger Federer in the Semi Finals in the Australian Open. Federer - won in straight sets against fellow-Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka. It was the first ever all-Swiss Grand Slam quarter final. And China's Na Li will meet Caroline Wozniacki in the women's semi-finals.

And last up. The Chinese government is making schoolchildren take classes in what it calls "civilised manners". Primary school students will be taught courteous language, traffic rules and respect for the elderly and children a little older will learn phone and letter writing etiquette, how to dress properly and how to hold polite conversations.

So I guess I better say thank you for listening!

OK, that's all from the World News for Schools team. We're back tomorrow.


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