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World News for Schools:10 January

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Hi there, it's Monday January the 10th and I'm Ricky from the BBC World News for Schools. Yep, you heard me correctly. We're kicking off 2011 with a brand new name! But don't worry, we'll still bring you all the biggest stories -- and here's what's coming up today...

It looks like the world's on the way to creating its newest country..

Scientists are trying to make a visit to the dentist that much easier...

And Rihanna breaks a record.

First up -- people in the African country, Sudan, have been deciding whether to split the country in two and make a new nation in the south. Huge numbers of people in southern Sudan -- where a peace deal five years ago ended a long war -- have queued up to vote. There are some worries about trouble but most areas have had a real party atmosphere with music, drums and balloons. It's going to take a week to count up all the votes but everyone expects that in the end, the south will decide to go it alone. Excited voters say it means a fresh new start:


"It's a very historical day and I'm glad I'm part of the history -- I came all the way from Canada to cast my vote here in southern Sudan." "This day it means to me, it means freedom, it means dignity, it means recognition, that the international community have recognised the people of the southern Sudan that also there are people there who have a vision, that some people cannot just say something they can really do it."

Next, a man's been charged in America with attempting to assassinate a politician after an attack at an open air meeting in Arizona in which six people died. He's also charged with murder. The politician, Gabrielle Giffords, was shot and is recovering in hospital.

American pop diva Rihanna's made history..she's become the only female solo artist ever to have number one singles in the British charts for five years running. Rihanna set the record after her song What's My Name hit the top spot.

And another record's been broken by the Indian Premier League, the world's richest cricket tournament. At a special auction, the big teams spent over sixty-million US dollars buying 127 top players. Indian batsman Gatam Gambhir became the most expensive player in IPL history at 2.4 million dollars.

Now for today's question: can you tell us how many teams there are in the India Premier League?

An update on the weekend's football: Chelsea star Frank Lampard says his team's back on form after their seven-nil rout of Ipswich in the FA cup third round. And Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has criticised a controversial penalty during his side's 1-0 Cup defeat by Manchester United.

And finally -- nobody likes going to the dentist -- now scientists are trying to make a visit much less horrible. They've invented a system to make the noise of a drill going into your teeth easier to bear..BBC reporter Dominic Hughes found out more....

CLIP: FX dentist drill.

The dentist's drill is a noise that can send shivers up the spine. But a new device can now blank it out via the headphones of an MP3 player. It works by analysing sound from microphones placed close to the drill. An inverted soundwave is then produce to cancel out the drill's distinctive whine.

OK, that's all from World News for Schools. We're back tomorrow!


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