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World News for Schools: 15 December

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Hi there, I'm Leah from the BBC World News for Children. It's Wednesday the 15th of December.

Coming up:

  • Gunman robs Vegas casino.
  • A historic World Club Cup final.
  • And a very old King's head!

But first - a boat carrying at least 69 people has crashed off Christmas Island - an island in the Indian ocean that belongs to Australia. So far, we know that 27 people - including children - have died, while a further 42 have been rescued. It's thought that those on board were asylum seekers, mainly from Iraq and Iran, looking to start a new life in Australia. This local man told the BBC what he saw from the land....

CLIP: "A number of people were rescued and picked up by the Australian Navy... They had two inflatable rescue vessels out there pulling out whoever they could. And there were a number of local residents standing on the edge of the cliff, throwing over ropes or whatever else they could."

This isn't the first time people have died trying to flee their countries in unsafe boats - it's a big problem all over the world. Often those who run the boats charge a lot of money for people to travel in dangerous, cramped conditions.

Now for some sports news - and were some pretty impressive celebratory dancing on the pitch as TP Mazembe have become the first African side ever to reach the Club World Cup final. The Democratic Republic of Congo's side, beat Brazil's Internacional 2-0 to take the cup. They'll now face Inter Milan or South Korea's Seongnam Ilhwa in Saturday's final.

And for today's question we want to know who won the last World Club Cup? Yesterday we asked you which ocean Madagascar is in...and the answer is...the Indian Ocean.

Next up - police in Las Vegas are looking for a gunman who stole up to two million dollars in casino chips. A masked armed robber grabbed the tokens from a gaming table at a high end Vegas casino, before speeding off on a motorbike. Here's Lieutenant Clinton Nichols from the Las Vegas Police Department...

CLIP: "The suspect arrived on a motorcycle and parked just outside the north valet. He then entered the casino, and went directly to a crabs table, where he confronted several patrons with a fire-arm."

But his gamble may not pay off - the chips can only be cashed at a few locations and the police are on the lookout for anyone posing as a big winner.

Finally - back in the 1600's they were pretty keen on cutting off the heads of royalty. Thankfully, the tradition has died out, but all these years later scientists say they've found the head of King Henri IV of France. The King was assassinated in 1610 - but even back then they had ways of preserving bodies, and now with the latest forensic techniques experts have been able to find the head's owner. They were helped by the fact the King had some very distinctive characteristics including an ear piercing, and even a healed wound from a previous attempt to kill him!

OK, that's all from the World News for Children team. We're back tomorrow.


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