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Watching history in the making

BBC First Click meets Taylor High School

Students from Taylor High School in Motherwell invited their grandparents into school to get to grips with using the internet to research a news story.

They wanted to examine the recent history of Ravenscraig, the large steelworks on the edge of their town that was closed in the early 1990s. By speaking to an older generation who were present during the demise, they had a greater understanding of what it was like.

And they also wanted to find out more about the plans for its regeneration.

The workshop began with students and grandparents together learning a little more about writing the news. They were then given different topics to research on the internet including the history and closure of the steelworks along with the regeneration of Motherwell College, leisure facilities and housing.

School Report gets involved in Get Online Week

Once they had gathered all their information, they wrote a 30-second news bulletin which they presented on camera, ready for their School Report.

Asked whether they had enjoyed being teachers, Sarah,12, said she could see why teachers got cross with them sometimes.

"It's much harder and can be frustrating" she replied. But she was very pleased with the results and said the afternoon had been good fun.

Teacher Mhairi Begley added: "I know that all of the family members really felt they gained something from being given the opportunity to work on internet research with the pupils."

And Marion, who had never been on a computer before, said "I never thought I would be able to use a computer… It was a lot easier than I thought."



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