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Doctor Who hits Darlington and Sheffield

Young journalists met the Doctor, Matt Smith, and his assistant, Karen Gillan, as part of a UK tour.

School Reporters from Darlington chatted to the stars on 30 March while Sheffield pupils tested a new Dr Who game and encountered the Daleks on 25 April.

Doctor Who mania
By Sharin, Ella and Lydia
School Reporters from Birley Community School, Sheffield

Daleks with Birley Community College
Pupils from Birley Community College make contact with the Daleks

Daleks came down from Skaro to' visit' Sheffield station. Was this the end of the world as we knew it?

When arriving at Sheffield train station, we were accosted by the new Daleks, fresh from the set of Doctor Who. They came in an array of new un-missable colours, from yellow to red, silver, black and blue.

The voice of the Daleks, Nicholas Briggs, was also there, performing his usual terrifying job! Nicholas Briggs informed us that for each species of Dalek, he needed to think up a different voice, especially for the Drone species which speak a lot in the new computer game which is released on 5 June 2010.

Many members of the public turned up to witness the invasion of the Daleks. A local police officer guarding the Daleks said: "My job is to make sure the Daleks are safe and well and to make sure there is no chaos."

However, we weren't completely convinced he could offer us the kind of protection we needed against the exterminating Daleks!

The controller of the Daleks took some time out from intimidating the public with these legendary sci-fi baddies to talk us through the movements of the Daleks; we even got an exclusive look at how they work and co-operate together.

The controller commented: "Manoeuvring the Daleks can often be difficult, especially in the programme, when I need to control many of them, all at the same time." We kept a safe distance just in case he decided to set them on us.

Games exclusive

School Reporters were given the opportunity to test and experience the new Doctor Who game, at the headquarters of Sumo who make the game.

In the game, players are put into the Doctor's shoes, and can control him to try and save Amy, the Doctor's assistant, from the world of the Dalek.

Lidia, a student from Birley Community College, was reassured by Dr Who script writer, Phil Ford, that the new computer game may soon be out on the DS console and maybe even the Wii, so watch out!

Firth Park Community School Reporters test out the Dr Who game
Firth Park Community School Reporters test out the Dr Who game

Having tested the challenging, but thrilling, game, the latest Doctor Who episode - The Weeping Angels - was previewed before its release the following Saturday.

Students from Birley Community College stated: "The new episode is the best one we have seen yet and we felt privileged to be able to watch it before it was released. We can't wait until next Saturday!"

Following the viewing, we were given the chance to look around the studio, where the game was made.

Elyse, also a student from Birley Community College, was amazed at the level of detail that goes into the images and graphics.

The excitement of the day continued with a question and answer session with some of the Doctor Who team members.

At the end of our highly enjoyable day, we made our way back through Sheffield station, discovering to our relief that the Daleks had in fact returned back to Skaro, leaving us in peace.

We will now be spending every spare evening and weekend practising dodging the Daleks' exterminating rays on the safety of our computers - just in case they decide to drop in for another visit!

The Daleks have landed in Sheffield
By Bradley
School Reporter from Firth Park Community Arts College, Sheffield

New Red and Yellow Daleks at Sheffield station

We got to see the new Doctor Who Daleks at the train station in Sheffield city centre.

The best moment was when we played the brand new Doctor Who game - The Adventure Games. It was great fun testing the game for the first time.

I liked being the Doctor in the game, where you needed to escape from the Daleks and save people; later on some people got exterminated. On the second level of the game we went on a Daleks' ship and needed to escape.

Brand new episode

During the day, we got to preview the new episode with Weeping Angels in it, which was really good. The Doctor's assistant Amy got turned into one of them, but I won't give you any more information you'll just have to watch it.

Going to Sumo HQ and meeting the team behind the game, was really great. I really enjoyed meeting new people and seeing how much work had gone into the game. All of us had a great time.

We were also interviewed by news reporters from the BBC and gave our verdict on the game.

The new Doctor is completely mad, really funny, and likes eating fish fingers and custard!
Claire, Education Village, Darlington

The new stars of Dr Who, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, also spoke to young journalists in the north east as part of the UK tour.

On March 30, the University of Sunderland hosted a special sneak preview of the first episode to a young invite-only audience.

Joe and Claire from the Education Village, Darlington, were able to meet and greet the two heroes and preview the first episode of the series - The Eleventh Hour' - four days before viewers in the rest of the UK.

The event started with a Weeping Angel being presented to the two hundred strong crowd of young people - and not one of them dared blink!

Dr Who monster: Weeping Angel
The Weeping Angel is also know as the Lonely Assassin

Stepping from the Doctor Who bus, the actors playing Eleventh Doctor and assistant Amy Pond answered a range questions including: who are the scariest monsters? and which football team do you support?

And the answers? Daleks and Weeping Angels, and Blackburn Rovers.

Claire said: "The new Doctor is completely mad, really funny, and likes eating fish fingers and custard! I can't wait to see everything else in the series, and I'm dead happy I get to tell everyone I've seen the first episode before them!"

Joe added: "The scariest part was at the beginning, but all of it was brilliant. It's been an excellent day, seeing the Doctor, and I loved that he had his Sonic Screwdriver with him, it was class."



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