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School 'over the moon' with tweeting astronaut

Astronaut Timothy Creamer on Twitter

An astronaut has been "out of this world" in his efforts to keep in touch with Liverpool students.

American Timothy Creamer was contacted via the social networking site Twitter by teachers going to the final frontier for their pupils as part of a 'Space Week' project.

And the idea formed the launchpad for youngsters at Huyton Arts and Sports Centre for Learning, formed only in September 2009, to get involved in the BBC School Report.

"Our actual report is about the new school and new curriculum, however we do mention the Twittering as part of the 'Space Week' case study," said the school's Lucy Davies.

"It was a really successful week and as part of a workshop entitled 'Is there anybody out there?' we talked about astronauts and space travel.

"We decided that it would be a good idea to follow the progress of Astro_TJ and sent him a message asking him to let us know when he would next be over in the UK.

"To our amazement he replied telling us to check his itinery online at a particular website; he was pleased we were joining his adventure."

Interest in the idea rocketed when Nasa's Space Centre spotted their message, and sent one in reply.

"We think it is because we had mentioned we were a class of 11-12 years olds," said Lucy.

"The students were over the moon (no pun intended!)

"This shows how we are trying to make our curriculum as innovative as possible, we want to engage our students and let them enjoy learning.

"We aim to use Twitter in our weekly projects, for example, following a midwife during 'Reproduction Week'".

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