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Teamwork key to kayak record, says Helen Skelton

Blue Peter presenter quizzed

Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton has told School Reporters how vital teamwork was in her record-breaking kayaking success.

The presenter came into the School Report studio to answer questions from reporters from the London Academy, Barnet.

Having recently completed a gruelling 2,000-mile kayak down the Amazon, Helen clearly has no lack of energy and enthusiasm, but the reporters wondered what it was that kept her going.

"I was so lucky to have such a good gang of people with me' said Helen, referring to the production team filming and documenting her progress.

School Reporters meet Helen Skelton
School Reporters interviewed Helen Skelton on her adventure

"They became mates," she said, and played a vital part in keeping her spirits up and looking after her, physically and mentally, even binding her hands to prevent blisters.

She completed the challenge as part of the BBC's Sport Relief event, but the kayaking idea itself and the record-breaking attempt was all hers.

No regrets

School Reporters meet Helen Skelton
Despite the blisters, Helen's looking forward to a new challenge

Of course it couldn't all be plain-kayaking, and she admitted that there were times when she wanted to give up. The worst aspect was the seasickness she suffered when bad weather made the water choppy.

She said she kept going by taking every day at a time, saying: "The next day is a new day."

Did she regret taking on the challenge? The answer was a resounding "No".

"When you get your teeth stuck into something, it's such an adventure," she explained.

She is looking forward to her next big thing - although her mum would rather she didn't take on anything too dangerous and difficult.

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