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Hollyoaks stars quizzed by youngsters

The Grange Comprehensive School in Halton, Cheshire has been playing host to the stars of Hollyoaks, which is filmed nearby. Working with Runcorn City Learning Centre, the students filmed an interview with three actors from the Channel 4 series.

Hollyoaks star, right,  poses with Grange Comprehensive School Reporters
Hollyoaks star poses with Grange Comprehensive School Reporters

Anthony Quinlan, Nico Mirallegro and Jamie Lomas, who play Gilly Roach, Barry 'Newt' Newton and Warren Fox respectively in the popular soap, discussed various issues featured in the show, as well as answering questions on what it was like to be a TV star.

Shot on camera in the television studio at the City Learning Centre the students quizzed the actors about their careers, asked what they did at school, and how they got into the business.

The Year 8 interviewers asked questions such as: "Is life really as good as it seems, being a celebrity?"

They had been discussing how accessible celebrities and fame are in modern society.

Jamie said of the experience: "It was tougher than being interviewed by a celebrity magazine."

It was tougher than being interviewed by a celebrity magazine
Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas

"I was really nervous at first," said Chloe, who said the students really put their thinking caps on in order to get a wide range of answers from the actors. Teacher Joe Willmott, was delighted to be involved once again in BBC School Report.

"It's the second time l have been involved in School Report and it's a fantastic project," he said.


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