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Page last updated at 15:38 GMT, Thursday, 11 March 2010

Water voles released into Cumbria river

By Alice and Macauley
School Reporters, Ullswater Community College

School Reporters in Ullswater
School Reporters aim to raise the mammal's population

We interviewed Alison Reid who is the conservation officer for Eden River Trust in collaboration with the BBC Springwatch Team.

They released sixty water voles into Cumbria on Tuesday 9 March because the county has a low population.

The water vole is the most decreasing mammal in terms of numbers in Cumbria because of farming and predators, such as the American minx and birds of prey. This movement will hopefully help the population to succeed greatly and keep the water voles in Cumbria.

This release of the water vole will be shown on BBC Two Springwatch, with Kate Humble.


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