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Children's commissioner asks pupils for positive images

School Reporters interview
School Reporters asked if the media portrays young people accurately

The Children's Commissioner for England, Maggie Atkinson, was interviewed live on television and radio by School Reporters about her plans for children.

She was asked what she thought were the most critical issues facing young people.

Nazia from the London Academy in Barnet questioned Ms Atkinson on the safety of inner city areas for young people, and hit on one of the Children's Commissioners real passions.

Although she admits there are young people involved in gangs and taking part in criminal activities, she feels the media does not present a balanced view of young people.

Many students work hard

Ms Atkinson actively encouraged such curious and engaged minds as Nazia, and she asked the listeners to contact her with ideas of how to present young people more positively.

School Reporters radio interview
The interviewers were impressed with the Children's Commissioner

She promised that all emails to would be answered by her.

Aldo from the London Academy, was impressed she put such an emphasis upon working with her counterparts in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in order to help young people in the UK as a whole.

As an interviewer, he found he was allied quite closely with Ms Atkinson's point of view, adding that a lot of students work hard and it is just a minority that end up in trouble.


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