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Why Bhangra's big in Norfolk

Wind turbines
School Reporters have looked into wind power off the Norfolk coast

School Reporters at Alderman Peel High School in Norfolk are taking a global perspective of their links with schools across the world.

A recent newspaper article suggested that the views British pupils have of students overseas can be patronising and racist.

Alderman Peel High School has ties to schools in Nigeria and India. Two of the School Reporters spent the morning interviewing a teacher who has just returned from a visit to the school in Nigeria.

Another news team is looking at the popularity of Indian culture in North Norfolk, particularly at Bhangra music.

Learning about different cultures

They've interviewed a woman who learnt to dance to Bhangra music.

"We're learning about a completely different culture, where Bhangra came from and enjoying the dancing too", says Emily.

The energy and environment reporters are spending the day editing their film on the new Sheringham Shoal wind farm off the north Norfolk coast.

They've interviewed the East of England energy group about future projects in schools - and they've even held a poetry workshop up a wind turbine.


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