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Students' top tips on election reporting

By Jenna, Jay, Juliette and Alice
School Reporters, the King's School, Macclesfield

Candidate's speech
Hustings were recorded for the election report.

A mock election took place at our school on the 11 February.

It taught us a lot about politics as there is a currently election under way. It also reminded us about all the hard work and dedication it took for the women to gain rights to get the vote.

We began by planning our report which included the 5 W's which are key to reporting, and they are:

What: The Mock Election 2010

Why: To get students interested in politics

Who: Students and Candidates

When: Thursday 11th February

Where: In the School Library

We also wrote a storyboard to show what would be happening in each shot.

Planning and filming

After that we wrote our script and chose which people we would we be interviewing. Before the event we filmed the pieces to camera. We also filmed a special assembly and some of the candidate's hustings. The running candidates were:

Students voting
There was excitement as the votes were counted

• Eleanor for the Labour Party

• Molly for the Conservative Party

• Bridie for the Liberal Democrats

• Justine for the Green Party

• Sophie For the People's Party

• Joanna For the Nana's Tea Party

We collected shots of people voting, and conducted our interviews with a selection of party candidates. We also filmed a few vox-pops with students. This gave us insight into what some girls thought about the elections.

We got a lot of footage which we then had to edit but we got our final piece in the end.

'It taught us about the voting process'

We were all very excited as we waited for the votes to be counted and checked. Then finally the big news came. The People's Party had won by a large margin and the runners up came as follows:

• The Green Party

• The Labour Party

• The Conservative Party

• The Liberal Democrats

• Nana's Tea Party

It taught us all about the voting process and gave the teachers an opportunity to let us have responsibility to run them ourselves.


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