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Wheelchair whizz Tarun on life as a disabled student

Tarun from Seven Kings High School, Ilford

Many of the 50,000 children taking part in BBC News School Report have a disability. One of them, Tarun, talks about his hopes for the future.

Tarun has had a disability since birth but he shows an appetite for life and a refusal to let his condition become an excuse.

The 13-year-old attends Seven Kings High School in Ilford, Essex, plays wheelchair basketball and table-tennis and also had a spell as the drummer in a band. He says: "I have a big group of friends and I'm not really any different from them. I hang around with friends from my form."

He has dislocated hips and elbows and cannot walk for long, but Tarun does not let it hold him back.

He spends much of his time in a wheelchair but can walk for short distances and adds: "I can climb stairs but as I get older it gets more difficult."

Tarun used BBC School Report to compile an audio diary of a day in his life and he said: "I have really enjoyed it. It's been fun but I don't know if I want to be a journalist when I'm older.

"I'd like to be a (computer) games designer. I love playing Xbox games, especially Formula 1. I'm a big Lewis Hamilton fan and I've been to the British Grand Prix before."

His form tutor, Brigitte Glucksmann-Smith, said: "Tarun is a bit of a hazard in the corridor because he whizzes about so fast."

She said: "We are a normal school but we have a certain proportion of students who have a disability and - like every school - we have adapted access.

"We have an inclusive policy and do everything we can to eradicate bullying, whether it is because of race, disability or anything else."


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