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Haiti quake pupils look to future

By Alex, 12 and Bernaldo, 12.

The majority of Haiti schools are still closed but some have reopened in Port-au-Prince since January's devastating earthquake. Two School Reporters describe the effects the quake has had on their school life and ambitions for the future.

ALEX, 12

When the earthquake occurred I was at my house listening to music and then I ran out shouting and yelling 'Jesus'. I was afraid and I thought it was the end of the world.

Alex, 12
Alex, 12, tells us about his experience of the Haiti earthquake

After the earthquake, three days later, I came to my school to stay there. Every day I have a lot of fun with my friends playing soccer and watching TV.

I accepted Jesus as my saviour and I read my Bible every night before I go to bed.

One day when I was in class they called me to participate in an interview, I was so excited because I've never done anything like this before.

I say to Miss Sherrie, my teacher: "Thank you for this interview." I was happy after that and they asked me for my name, where my family live, and then my age and other questions like why I came to this school. They asked a lot about the situation, the earthquake.

I would like to say to the world that they should always be careful because an earthquake like this could happen anywhere at anytime.

I also say to them if they can come and help Haiti I think that they'll be blessed. The earthquake killed a lot of people but I thank God because he protected my family and made nothing bad happen to them.

I hope that people in other countries work hard to help Haiti especially other children so they can become architects and doctors to come here and help us.


My name is Bernaldo, I am in 7th Grade and I live in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I go to Christian Light School. My experience during the earthquake was really horrible.

Bernaldo, 12 at his new Haiti school
Bernaldo says he wants to be an architect when he is older

I was at home during the quake. One second before the earthquake started I walked out of my house to play.

The moment the earthquake started I ran into a house that was covered in tin.

My house was made of concrete and if I'd gone back in there I'd be dead, the other house saved me. It was like God had led me out of my house.

After 10 seconds, blocks started falling where I had been standing before the earthquake.

After 35 seconds I walked over the rubble to my family. On Saturday I came to live at Christian Light School. One of my uncles who went to this school died.

In the earthquake approximately 300,000 people were killed. I thank God for helping me and my family.

Bernaldo  and Alex, both 12.
Bernado and Alex get to grips with some audio equipment to send an interview to their fellow School Reporters in England.

After about a month Miss Sherrie told me that some BBC man would be coming to interview me, Djeanice, Alex and Franciscot.

The BBC man was Nick, I was really nervous and excited! At first it was a little hard, but after a little while it got easier.

Now it is pretty easy as I am getting used to it now. It was fun talking to the kids in England, I spoke to Lisa and Mohit and we talked about life here and there.

Afterwards they gave me this to do as homework.

When I grow up I want to be an architect to help Haiti because we will need to build a lot.


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