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News Day as it happened

School Report TV highlights

Thousands of students across the UK have been reporting the news for BBC News School Report Day. Here's what happened.

See all the day's top stories here.

Teacher's praise

Pupils at the Grange School have worked furiously to meet their deadlines, says Mr Haddow. Their reports covered topics such as teenage pregnancy, Sport Relief and the latest computer games, getting the inside news from pupils and staff. This is the first time the school has done this, so a big thank you to all the Year 9 pupils involved for their excellent hard work!

1754: World Cup Fever
"Burnage Media Arts College has been inspired by World Cup fever. Whilst the whole country is thinking about that, we looked at our homegrown sports heroes. Abubakar is a talented young footballer who will soon be travelling to Ecuador to train with the national team whilst Imran is a rising star in the boxing ring. We then asked boys at our school which team they were supporting in the 2010 World Cup and why," e-mails Becci Wadeson from Burnage Media Arts College in Manchester.

1726: Ghost hunting
"We have created a story about the legendary ghost which haunts a derelict building which was formerly a part of our school. Our reporters were given exclusive access to the building, Norwood House in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Sadly, Alice the ghost failed to materialise! We've submitted our temperature reading for the world record attempt. We're also looking at the day's top stories," e-mails Mike Muralee from Beverley High School in East Yorkshire.

1706: Great day
School Reporters at Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham College, south-east London, had a great day putting together their news bulletin. The group of 27 students interviewed the director of the Serious Fraud Office and author Colin McNoughton.

BBC News School Report
1703: Pop star working at our school
"Year 8 students have been working on news reports since 0830. The focus has been on 'our school' and the talent we have. This includes our very own pop group, talented students who staged a concert to raise funds for Haiti and an interview with a former pop star who now works in the school and reached no 3 in the UK charts and No 1 in the USA with the song Unbelievable," e-mails teacher Martin McCorry from The Holy Family Catholic School, Staffordshire in West Yorkshire

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1646: Reporting on knife crime
"10 students from Methwold High School age 11-16 took part in a BBC report to produce a news documentary on knife crime. They did this in the form of a news report with a reconstruction of a fictional incident at the school," e-mails teacher R Kroxall from Methwold High School in Norfolk.

laughter (49X49)
1641: Say what?
One of the themes of BBC School Report News Day is language, so we asked children in different parts of the country about their language and found that teenage slang differs wildly. We are all British, right? We all speak the same language, surely? Not according to a very unscientific survey carried out by BBC News School Report.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1631: Going live
"After a fraught day our website is live and our broadcast is in compilation before final upload. Two extended interviews with local politicians are already in place," e-mails Steve Williams from Blake Valley Technology College, Staffordshire.

1631: Haiti quake pupils look to future
The majority of Haiti schools are still closed but some have reopened in Port-au-Prince. Two brave School Reporters describe the quake, school life and their ambitions for the future.

1621: The truth about footballers!
"Footballers are much nicer than you think!" says Katie (14) of St Aidan's CE Technology College, Lancashire. She interviewed two footballers, present and past: Keith Southern, current Blackpool midfielder, and Jimmy Armfield, who played for Blackpool and England from 1950-71 and received his CBE from the Queen this very month.

1619: Cyber-classrooms
As part of the British Council's Connecting Classrooms project, pupils at Vigwaza Secondary School in Tanzania have been producing reports on the origin of man, looking at how the tools used by early man developed through the ages. They've enjoyed swapping pictures and stories with other students, linking up with classrooms in South Africa and the UK.

1617: 'Fab stuff'
The BBC mentor at Bishopston School, Swansea, says they had a half-hour news programme "full of fab stuff" they were putting online, even though he was worried they had missed the 1400 deadline.

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1605: Sleep and homework survey
"Exclusive survey from Desborough, Maidenhead: UK students get more sleep and do more homework than their German counterparts, results suggest," texts mentor Pete Clifton from Desborough School in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

applause icon (49x49)
1604: And breathe...
After weeks of collecting material for School Report News Day the students at Gordon School in Surrey are relieved to have got it all done. Teacher Kate Sobel said: "The kids feel really proud with what they've achieved and glad to have had the chance to do it."

1557: Reporter gives final score on Boro
Four schools and colleges, working with Redcar and Cleveland City Learning Centre, have interviewed Gordon Cox, chief reporter for Middlesbrough Football Club's website. Freeborough Specialist Engineering College, Sacred Heart RC School, Gillbrook College and Huntcliff School, North Yorkshire, have all been taking their turn in quizzing the reporter on Middlesbrough FC's chances for the season, its previous successes and its hope for the future.

magnifying glass (49X49)
1555: Ghostly goings-on
"The stories are all recorded and about to go live. They have reported on a major road improvement, the 2012 Olympics and sport in their school as well as ghostly goings-on!" texts mentor Alex Pope from Hinchingbrooke School in Cambridgeshire.

Alesha Dixon
1552: Interview with Alesha
"At Lewisham CLC, Year 8 students have interviewed Alesha Dixon. Alesha was brilliant and she went on a tour of the City Learning Centre and met all the school reporters who were busy writing and editing their stories," e-mails eLearning Team Leader Zali Collymore-Hussein.

1549: Going green
Journalists at Arngask Primary and Nursery School, Perthshire, have been reporting on the international Eco Schools scheme and how their school in particular can become more environmentally-friendly.

1547: Interview with the principal
"I'm sure a lot of parents at Barnfield West will want to see Chris and Tevin's exclusive interview with Rachel De Souza, who has just left her job as principal after three years," texts mentor John Hand from Barnfield West Academy.

text message (49X49)
1546: Report on chewing gum art
"Mark and Steve are uploading the School Report articles to the school website. Fantastic work with articles on chewing gum art, George Orwell, International Womens' Day and the new school music block," texts mentor Mark Bond from Fortismere School, London.

text message (49X49)
1545: Beckam's scarf
"Billy from Shene School in London becomes the first School Reporter to publish his story on the school website. Local football fans have been telling him how they felt to see Beckham wear the green and gold scarf at Old Trafford last night," texts mentor Jane Andrews from Shene School in London.

Peter Crouch
1537: Interview with Peter Crouch
"BBC School Reporters at Northumberland Park Community School will be making TV news with their interview at White Hart Lane stadium with Spurs and England player Peter Crouch," texts mentor Anna O'Neill from the school in Tottenham, north London. A range of stories also included a piece on female genital mutilation.

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1535: Is health & safety ruining our education?
Year eight students Shannon and Daniel from Spen Valley Sports College, West Yorkshire, tackle the big topic of health and safety with head teacher Toby Eastaugh. Teacher Alison Miller says reporters covered this story and others with confidence and dedication.

London 2012 logo
1532: Interview with 2012 hopeful
Anna and Josh (both 13), students from Spen Valley Sports College, West Yorks, interview 2012 Olympic swimming hopeful Matthew Johnson (aged 14) - a fellow student at their college. Teacher Alison Miller says the response on this story and all their School Report activity has been fantastic: "A real buzz at school."

It's raining at Wimbledon
1525: What's the weather like in Oxford?
They may have made the deadline but work isn't over for three pupils from Banbury School in Oxfordshire. Becca, Neel and Sam, year eight, are about to make their TV debut at BBC Oxford when they read the live TV weather report at 1530.

1524: Schools' own 'live events' page
Young reporters from four schools across the country have been swapping updates about their day. Students at Alec Hunter Humanities College in Essex rang their fellow School Reporters at Hillhead School in Glasgow, The Vyne Community School in Hampshire and Saints' Peter and Paul Catholic College in Widnes throughout the day to find out what they were reporting on. The stories ranged from bullying, the earthquake in Haiti and first aid in schools. Read all about it on the Alec Hunter website.

1518: TV soap superstars
There has been plenty of drama in Bradford where School Reporters interviewed two actors from EastEnders to mark the BBC soap's 25th anniversary. At Immanuel College, students have also been volunteering to sell Fairtrade products, reporting on a Wizard of Oz production and learning about internet safety. "We've ended up with a very professional website and a newsletter that will go to parents," said English teacher Claire Upton.

1516: Queens Park hopefuls
"Blair and Reece (both 13), students from Shawlands Academy, Glasgow, investigate the youth scheme at their local Queens Park Football Club. On radio and the web, they explore what opportunities there are for young people to get into football," says teacher Lindsey Cambell.

1511: Glasgow's future Commonwealth Games
"Year S1 students from Shawlands Academy, Glasgow, investigate the Commonwealth Games in their home city. Features interviews with fellow student Ian, a swimming hopeful; Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Health & Wellbeing; and students who attended the logo launch," says teacher Lindsey Campbell.

1510: 'Running about like crazy'
The after-school TV club members at Haughton Community School have been "running about like crazy" today, according to Mike Bartaby from the Education Village in Darlington. He said they had had a really good day and were just in the final stages of editing, adding it had been a fantastic experience for the club using the skills they had learnt to make a real bulletin. It wasn't without its hiccups, though, as 11-year-old Alice revealed: "We had a problem with one of our stories, about vandalism to gravestones. We didn't turn the microphone on!"

1507: Phew!
"We have just finished editing our interview with Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell - phew!" e-mails e-learning team leader Zalihe Collymore-Hussein, Lewisham CLC, south-east London.

1504: Working through lunch
Lucy Evans, a teacher at Willowfield School in Walthamstow, north-east London, reported "a working lunch here at Willowfield with final edits being made to the script! Not long now, the clock is ticking! We're all waiting with baited breath to see if our hard work pays off when we go live. Lots of news being covered and we enjoyed a visit from our local newspaper who came to see what we were up to."

1453: New Auschwitz pack for every school
"Students Roisheen, Maariyah and Kimberley (all 13) explore the success story of Shawlands Academy's own Auschwitz documentary film, which is to be turned into an educational resource for all Scottish schools," says teacher Lindsey Campbell.

1451: Rising to the challenge
Students at Thomas Hardye School in Dorset have been working with pupils at Dorchester Middle School to cover a broad variety of stories for School Report. The young journalists have turned out over a dozen stories ranging from healthy eating and schools uniforms to climate change. Teacher Richard Scott said: "It's always exciting to see how the children rise to the challenge of a deadline."

applause icon (49x49)
School Reporters at over 250 schools have set a new world record for the largest interactive weather report. Each school, from the Shetland Islands in the north to Jersey in the south and as far away as St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean, took a temperature this morning and e-mailed it in to the BBC Weather Centre. Now that the results have been compiled, it looks like a new world record. The reading at each school was verified by an independent witness and it now needs Guinness World Records to give their official verification.

1447: Time has gone quickly
"Should you get the equivalent to a GSCE by working at McDonald's? Who pays for social care for the elderly? Hung parliaments, why young people don't vote, and last night's Manchester United game. 'The time has gone much quicker, than it does in maths!' said one pupil," texts mentor Helen Ffitch from St Peter's Catholic Comprehensive School.

1445: Crowded prison system
"Students have done a report on the crowded prison system and have interviewed members of the police for it. They have also looked into the qualifications at McDonald's. Reports are going up on our website right now," says Nanci Lister, teacher from Heathfield School in Middlesex.

1442: A&E closure threat
A team of reporters from William Ellis School, Greater London, along with South Camden City Learning College, have filmed a report about the proposed closure of a local Accident and Emergency Department. The students from year eight have been hitting the streets to gather vox pops to add to their report on Whittington Hospital. Teacher Mary Mather says: "It's been quite a challenge but the students were really pleased with the results."

1439: Hundreds of possibilities
For rookie presenter Nicole, 13, from Lord Lawson of Beamish Community School, the world really is her oyster. She loved working in the studio and reading off the autocue. "It looks just like the BBC!" she said. So would she want to be a newsreader in the future? "I'd probably think about it," she agreed, "but I've got hundreds of jobs going through my head. Maybe I want to be a horse riding instructor or a dog groomer or a TV news presenter." Maybe she could do all three?

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1438: Wind turbine
"The radio bulletin, including two interviews, has been recorded and is now being edited so ready to be included on the website. Our subject: the new wind turbine which has just arrived here at Hethersett High," texts mentor Louise Priest from Hethersett High School in Norfolk.

1434: Facebook debate
At Cardinal Hume School in Gateshead they're putting the finishing touches to their bulletin with some post-production. Peter Haywood from Heworth Grange City Learning Centre said: "They're doing really well."

Hannah, 13, has been presenting in the studio, where she interviewed two friends about the possible dangers of using social networking sites like Facebook. "They gave a balanced opinion," she said. "One thought it was a good idea to let kids go on the internet and the other thought it was a bad idea." And what did she think of the day so far? "It's been really good!"

1433: Investigating Newcastle's landmark Eldon Square
"In times of recession, why are we extending Eldon Square?" ask Rafal, 14, and other year nine students at Sacred Heart Secondary School, Newcastle. "Featuring an interview with Eldon Square operations manager, it's a unique insight into Newcastle's current economic position," says Maria Sweby, English teacher.

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1431: 'Falling' educational standards
"Bexley Grammar School filming a report on 'falling' educational standards," texts mentor Louise Walter from Bexley Grammar School, Kent.

1426: Mock general election
Political pundits might be interested in the outcome of the mock general election being carried out at Churston Ferrers Grammar School in Torbay, Devon, to see if it harbours any omens for Messrs Cameron and Brown. Head of English, Peter Coals, said five sixth formers representing Labour, the Tories, Lib Dems, UKIP and the Greens are contesting the election and Thursday's hustings were video recorded to be uploaded on the school website later. He said: "They are enjoying the day. They are enjoying the freedom and not being told what to do. It's been quite an educational experience."

1426: Should ASBOs be a police matter?
"Year 9 students at Sacred Heart Secondary School, Newcastle, explored whether or not ASBOs are really a matter for the police at all. Interviews included Northumbria Police's liaison officer and an ex-CID officer," says Maria Sweby, English teacher.

1423: Groundbreaking exhibition
"Year nine students at Sacred Heart Secondary School, Newcastle, have a special guided tour of the groundbreaking Jenny Holzer exhibition at the Baltic Mill, Newcastle, which opened on 5 March," says Maria Sweby, English teacher.

1423: Spoilt for choice
"Shene School Reporters have interviewed local shopkeepers and parents about anti-social behaviour, fast food, Beckham's scarf, social networking sites and the fact that their school will soon become an academy," texts mentor Jane Andrews from Shene School in London.

1421: Looking into the future
Going live at Rockferry High School, the Wirral, has been a great opportunity for the students to delve further into the status of the school as an academy. Reporters recorded a radio interview with the school's head teacher to find out more about the proposed closure of their school and merger with Park High.

1418: Girls & body image
"Bethany, 14, and other year nine students at Sacred Heart Secondary School, Newcastle, have interviewed over 100 young girls about why girls feel bad about the way they look," says Maria Sweby, English teacher.

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1418: Pupils of all abilities
"Pupils of all abilities at this special school have looked at their new IT suite and some early problems with it; also exploring the new lunch menu," texts mentor James Ingham from Kennel Lane School in Bracknell.

1418: Confidence boost
Jack, 14, from Woodhey High School, Bury, has been doing the rounds at the Big Bang exhibition in Manchester. He's been filming with a crew from North West Tonight, interviewing the exhibitors and talking to the patron of the show. Jack says the experience has given him loads of confidence.

1400: Stand by...
It's last-minute preparations for students at Henry Cort Community College in Hampshire. The running order is being finalised with stories of climate change, computer games in lessons and Pompey football club in the mix. Teacher Zoe Viner said: "They're all so excited."

The sun is out again at Wimbledon
Find out if School Reporters have become world record breakers at around 1425 on School Report LIVE. More than 300 schools each took a Celsius reading at approximately 0915 this morning and had it verified by an independent witness. Teachers then e-mailed the results to the BBC Weather Centre, where all the readings are being compiled. Is this enough to set a new world record?

1400: Filming the fire
For pupils at Horizon School in Hackney, it was an opportunity to cover a real breaking news story. A major fire was spreading through office buildings up the road in Shoreditch. The School Reporters videoed the firemen on ladders trying to bring everything under control. Arran, 13, explained what it was like filming the scene: "There was smoke everywhere and it was hard to see. It was very thick. It was the first time I'd seen a fire like that up close. It was kind of dangerous."

1400: And finally...
"And finally... with most of the reports already complete at Waldegrave Girls School, there is even time to find a heartwarming story about a baby elephant in an Australian zoo that survived after a six-day labour," texts mentor Philippa Joy from Waldegrave Girls School in Twickenham.

1400: Meeting the deadline
On the hour, School Reporters all over the UK and overseas are presenting their news bulletins in the classroom. Good luck to them all!

1358: The final bulletin
"At St Boniface's in Plymouth we're just editing the final bulletin," texts mentor Louise Walter from St Boniface's Catholic College in Plymouth.

1358: On the home straight
"We've had a hectic few days," says teacher Ben McDermott from Knights Templar School in Hertfordshire. "And we're doing our final editing and uploading now. All the pupils have learnt a lot - writing links was particularly difficult."

1357: Last-minute editing
School Reporters at St Anselm's Catholic School in Kent are up against it as they make the final edits to their School Report video. They spent the morning interviewing students who received their GSCE results this morning and an ex-gangster about his thoughts on violence in cities.

1357: The finishing touches
"Technical team just putting final touches to our video news bulletin. All the practice days have really paid off," texts mentor Philippa Joy from Waldegrave Girls' School in Middlesex.

text message (49X49)
1357: Filming at sea
"Just been filming at Tynemouth lifeboat station. Also, reporting on calls for Facebook panic button and the return of TV maths maestro Johnny Ball! Should hit deadline," texts mentor Mark Tulip from Marden High School in Tyne and Wear.

1357: Counting down!
Sam and David from St Peter and Paul Catholic College, Halton, Cheshire, are rehearsing scripts in the countdown to their live radio broadcast from Widnes City Learning College.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
1356: Spirits running high
"Littleover Community School pupils are rising to the challenge as the deadline looms - digestives and squash are running low but spirits are running high as the story slots get filled. We are very excited about our lead feature - an article on teenage body image, with contributions from author Katie Metcalfe and psychotherapist Penny Hayman," e-mails teacher Edward Selvey from Littleover Community School in Derby.

1356: Cyber Circus interviews
Special needs students at Phoenix School, Tower Hamlets, are interviewing each other about science as part of their Cyber Circus event. "It's been an amazing and exhilarating journey for our students," says Expressive Arts Co-ordinator Paula Manning.

1353: Jelly Tots for soldiers
John Fisher School has been reporting on how students support the armed forces in Iraq. A soldier visited the school in Purley, Surrey, and told them about the dangers they face and - on a lighter note - how they crave things the Army can't provide. Jelly Tots and Quavers are high on the list. So the school has been sending parcels of goodies to cheer up the troops.

1353: School with sports stars
"The boys of Burnage Media Arts College have produced a radio sports bulletin featuring sports stars at the school. They include Imran the junior boxing champion and footballer Abubakar, who just won a contract to play for Wigan," texts mentor Stephen Chittenden from Burnage Media Arts College in Manchester

1352: Politics and us
It was an early start on Sunday for some young reporters from Prendergast Hilly Fields College. They had to be at the BBC studios in Westminster to watch a recording of the Politics Show. But that didn't put them off. The students made a report about the show and what they learnt from presenter Jon Sopel who talked to them about the relevance of politics for young people.

Alesha Dixon
1351: Strictly Come Dixon
School Reporters from Catford High School, Lewisham, got the chance to mix with a star when Alesha Dixon came in for a live interview. Strictly Come Dancing, her new album and her childhood dreams all came up, before the singer had to whisk herself off to her recording studio to work on the next album.

1349: The deadline's approaching
The head teacher of Carshalton High School for Girls in Sutton is on her way to the newsroom for the live broadcast at 1400. Amber in year nine said: "I'm kind of stressed out but everything is going well."

1349: Remarkably calm
"Everyone remarkably calm here as they prepare for the final edit of a very impressive TV bulletin," texts mentor Mark James from Gosforth Central Middle School in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

1347: Getting there
"A group from Billericay School has interviewed a sixth former who visited Auschwitz. Now we just have to edit it down," texts mentor Susie Hanson from The Billericay School in Essex.

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1339: We are ready
"They have got all their audio edited and are all ready for the 2pm broadcast! Well done guys!" texts mentor Gareth Lloyd from Loreto College in St Albans.

1339: What's happening to our wasteland?
"Students at Redmoor High School, Leicestershire, are chasing Hinchley and Bosworth council for an urgent update on what's happening to the local wasteland near their school," says teacher Louise Rogerson.

It's raining at Wimbledon
1337: Trilingual Weather Bulletin
"Year nine student Torrin at Redmoor High School, Leicestershire, will be giving her local weather forecast an international flavour - in English, French and Welsh," says teacher Louise Rogerson.

1337: Students hit the red carpet
Students at Carshalton High School for Girls in Sutton are busy editing footage for their showbiz report. Last month they braved the wind and rain to travel to London to catch a glimpse of the stars on the red carpet at the premiere of Alice in Wonderland.

1336: Feeling the pressure
Students at Cardinal Newman High School in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, are "very much on track" as they approach the deadline. Teacher Carrie McCormack said: "They are doing very well. Everything text-based is already up on the web page. Now we are doing the radio recordings."

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1333: Life of a professional footballer
"Students are comparing the life of a professional footballer now to what it was like 50 years ago. Reporter Katie visited Blackpool's training ground earlier in the week to talk to one of the current players and interviewed ex-England star Jimmy Armfield this morning," texts mentor ML Anderson at St Aidan's CE Technology College in Blackpool.

1333: The space race
One small step for mankind, one giant step for Liverpool. Youngsters at Huyton Arts and Sports Centre for Learning have been out of this world. They contacted an astronaut on Twitter, but are battling to reach the 1400 GMT take-off for their report. "It should be all done by 2pm. I have just got someone to ring the technical guy now because obviously I am just in my classroom in panic mode," emails the school's Lucy Davies.

1327: Hoarding the hoard
Young reporters from Edensor Technology College, Stoke-on-Trent, have been asking the local community whether the recently discovered Anglo-Saxon treasure should stay in the area. Working towards a television bulletin, students are busy on the phones and out on the streets asking locals whether it would be good to keep the hoard in a local museum rather than it moving to London.

1325: Deadline learning
"Right now the students are editing all the presenting work they've done for their news items," says Attleborough High School teacher Carmina McConnell. "The sense of keeping to deadline has been a very interesting experience for them".

1324: Watch the clock
"St Bernard's pupils working really hard, but watch that clock!" says mentor Gordon Farquar at St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School in Slough.

1324: Delivering the news
The story of a 12-year-old boy who helped deliver his mum's baby is one of the main items covered by School Reporters at the Harris City Academy in Lewisham, south-east London. The news team are also compiling a report on a recent visit to a school in New York which specialises in technology, and asking what they can learn from it.

e-mail sent in by reader (49x49)
Teenagers unfairly treated
"15 students from Years 7-9 are taking part in this year's News Day. They will be reporting on gaining a GCSE at McDonald's and asking: Are teenagers being unfairly treated?," emails teacher Carolyn Deighton from the Robert Pattinson School in Lincoln.

1322: Health plans
School Reporters at Glaitness school on the Orkney Islands are looking at the success of a local plan to encourage more people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Also, local MP Alistair Carmichael is being interviewed about the government's response to the Haiti earthquake, while the BBC's Huw William has been talking to students about his experiences of reporting on the disaster.

1321: Never trusted
The expenses scandal is in the headlines again today, so pupils at Cardinal Pole School in Hackney have been doing their own version of the story. They've interviewed local MP Diane Abbott as well as prospective candidates from the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties about why people should vote for them.

But what most interested Lauren, 14, was something a member of the public said. When Lauren asked her whether she could trust politicians again after the scandal, the woman said she never trusted MPs in the first place. Lauren thought that summed up what a lot of people in Hackney thought.

1320: Coming up to deadline
With only an hour to go until the deadline, students at Catmose College in Oakham, Rutland, are working feverishly on a number of projects. One of these is an interview with the head of Rutland County Council about the provision of further education in the area, which has been a bone of contention for several years.

1318: 'We pulled a man from the rubble'
Heysham High School reporters have interviewed the Lancashire Fire Service about the Haiti earthquake rescue. Firefighter Mark Monkhouse explains how they helped, and describes the moment they pulled a man from the rubble.

1317: No time to eat!
"The students are doing a story on a Cornish charity for disaster-struck areas and the school has raised £4,500 and sent boxes to Haiti. They've done a story on a time capsule to be dug up in 50 years. They are also covering teen drinking rates in the town dropping and a new phone mast. It's fantastic - the pupils haven't even stopped to eat!" says teacher Anna Whitney from Penrice Community College in St Austell.

1315: Where's our school?
Students from Mitchell High School Business and Enterprise College have been doing some investigative reporting into where the town's new academy is to be built. They've been talking to the town council, who refused to comment, and recorded an interview with one of the school governors.

1305: Making a hit with Judge Jules
School Reporters from Greenvale School, Lewisham, have been investigating how their band, One Love, could make a hit record. Their first stop was BBC Radio 1 to interview DJ Judge Jules for some tips on making music, before heading into the recording studio to lay down their track.

1304: School Reporters chat to Chris Hollins
School Reporters from The Charter School in south London chatted to Strictly winner and BBC Breakfast presenter Chris Hollins. He spoke to them about his career and how Strictly Come Dancing affected his family life.

1301: The adrenaline is flowing
Reporters at The Vyne Community School in Hampshire are frantically typing up their scripts for their news bulletin. After an editorial meeting this morning they decided on their running order and are working to a deadline. Teacher Stacey Biggle said: "It's all going well. The students are starting to feel the pressure and adrenaline rush."

News Day: Up until 1300
Click the above link for a minute-by-minute account - up to 1300 - of the School Reporters' work going on all over the UK.


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