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Flooding and erosion in Zambia

Tabitha, Mable, Schmidt, and Mofya explain the effect of rising temperature and flooding in their communities and Abigail expresses her sentiments in a poem.

By Tabitha, 11, Mable, 13, Schmidt, 12, Mofya, 10, and Abigail, 9
Sunshine Primary School of Lusaka

For BBC News School Report

A building is washed away by floodwaters in Africa
Properties are damaged by flood waters

Here in Zambia, we fail to concentrate because it's very hot and sometimes we can't really get what our teacher is saying.

The high temperatures are not suitable for animal and human life. When there is too much heat, it dries the plants so they can't grow well.

Streams get dried up and animals have no water to drink. It's important to us in Zambia because we care about animals.

Because the heat is too much, when people plant food it doesn't really grow and there's not enough rain.

People's properties are getting damaged due to storms and floods and they have nowhere to stay, nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat.

It bothers us because, as humans, we all need plants to give us medicine and also food.

If you look around, the future is in our surroundings because of the soil erosion that takes place there.

Tree motto

Trees absorb the carbon from the atmosphere, but when people cut down the trees, the heat reaches the earth a lot.

Many trees have been cut down which causes erosion. The heat is reaching the earth in a very quick time.

We see that there are a lot of houses, and not a lot of trees have been planted. There's not a lot of grass and shrubs.

Three days ago, my mother and I planted two trees in our farm.

But at our school, the land is covered in grass and shrubs and the school has introduced a club which looks after Mother Nature. We make sure that we plant trees, both exotic and indigenous, on bare land. We have a motto, "plant two trees each year".

We also plant trees in our homes and try not to burn rubbish outside.

We help the environment by telling the charcoal burners, who are usually burning outside, to stop, to reduce the carbon that affects us.

Weird weather

We are also experiencing abnormal rainfall which leads to floods. They destroy our crops and kill people. Last season, many people were displaced.

People's properties are getting damaged due to storms and floods and they have nowhere to stay, nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat.

Climate change poem

Climate change, climate change,
Life has been lost because of climate change.
The rapid change in temperature has melted ice in polar regions.
It has left animals like bears homeless.
Plus, all over the country, lots of buildings have collapsed.
Fields of maize have been washed away,
Leaving farmers without food.
Climate change, oh spare life.

Some of the students' comments were used in Wednesday's BBC World News for Children bulletin which is broadcast Monday to Friday on the World Class website and available between 1300 and 1700 GMT on the Newsround website. It can be downloaded for free and accompanying scripts are also available.

Climate Change Interactive
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