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Reducing emissions in Nigeria

School Reporters in Abuja, Nigeria speak out about how they help others to reduce their carbon emissions.

By Eniola, 16
Government Science and Technical College in Abuja, Nigeria

For BBC News School Report

My country has been affected in a number of ways: There were reported cases of heat-related diseases like cerebrospinal meningitis in the northern part of the country.

Eniola, Government Science & Technical College, Abuja, Nigeria
Eniola persuades his community to stop cutting down trees

Also down south, there were incidences of flooding in the coastal areas of Lagos where some fishing communities were badly affected.

My community is known for farming of yam which is one of the main food crop eaten all over the country.

Due to occasional floods, the yams didn't do very well this year and this has led to increase in price of the commodity.

I care because it hurts to see how both young and old are rendered homeless due to constant flooding of their communities.


The effects in the years to come might be too devastating for mankind.

I advise my community to avoid bush burning and other activities that can lead to air pollution.

I also ask members of my community to desist from cutting down trees for firewood to prevent deforestation. It is very, very difficult to make them understand the consequences of what they are doing.

By Gora, 15
Government Science and Technical College in Abuja, Nigeria

For BBC News School Report

Gora, Eniola, Government Science & Technical College, Abuja, Nigeria
Gora plants trees in her school grounds to help combat climate change

I care about climate change because it is a global issue and one of major concern especially to our generation.

Our activities in one part of the world can drastically affect some communities in other parts of the world.

We all need a better environment and a safer world, so we can live long and function effectively.

Let us all join hands together to combat climate change and save our environment and our generation.

Taking action

I am helping to educate my peers on the issue of climate change and what we, the youth, can do to help.

Personally I ensure I keep the environment clean and free from pollution. I have also planted as many trees as possible, I tell my parents about the dangers of using electricity generators as it produces harmful carbon monoxide.

I took part in the UN World Environment Day on 5 June 2009 by helping to plant 60 trees in our school grounds.

Some of the students' comments were used in the BBC World News for Children bulletin which is broadcast Monday to Friday on the World Class website and available between 1300 and 1700 GMT on the Newsround website. It can be downloaded for free and accompanying scripts are also available.

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