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Page last updated at 17:33 GMT, Thursday, 26 March 2009

Slumdog report crosses continents

Mumbai slums
Slumdog Millionaire was set in the slums of the Indian city of Mumbai

Students from Coombeshead College in Newton Abbot have been communicating across continents with fellow pupils in India.

The pupils engaged in a live radio link-up with the SAI International School and asked them their opinions on the recent Oscar-winning movie that was set in India - Slumdog Millionaire.

While most of the Indian pupils enjoyed the movie and thought it was a fun and engaging story, many thought that the film portrayed too much of the negative aspects of India and not enough of the positive.

This was part of an international series of events at the college, which also involved a live television feed involving fellow students in Nigeria.

The young journalists at Coombeshead also produced and recorded their own radio programme which they are going to swap with their Indian counterparts for a similar programme.


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