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We're here too, say Germany pupils

Schhol Reporter Abbey
School Reporter Abbey says some British people don't know forces children exist

All the pupils at Gloucester School in Germany have parents in the armed forces, and they have been looking at how this affects them for School Report News Day.

Abby, who's in Year 8, came up with the idea to make a report about life as a forces child.

She says she wanted to raise awareness about what life is like - and find out the views of other people at the school.

Abby says: "I've been a forces child my whole life, and I've been going to this school for nearly five years.

"Sometimes we feel camouflaged like our parents who serve in war zones, because not all British people know we exist, or know anything about the school. And they don't think about what life is like to be a forces child."

She says there are a lot of misconceptions about it. "People don't realise that my dad goes to places like Iraq and Afghanistan, but he just works in an office when he's there."

Perfecting the presenting

For the television report, Abby and her friend Rebecca spoke to other pupils at the school to find out what they thought about living in Germany.

School Reporter Rebecca
Many 'combat kids' miss living in the UK

"I didn't realise that some people didn't actually like living in Germany. They said that they missed their friends and family back in the UK. But then other people really like living here, because it's quieter!"

Abby says she's enjoyed the experience of being a TV reporter - although she found it a bit nerve-racking.

"It was difficult at first because there was lots to do, and then it got even more stressful towards the deadline, but now it's done I really enjoyed it."

She says it took a while to perfect the presenting though.

"We had to do about six takes because I kept muddling up my lines, I was really nervous!"


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