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Banks in spotlight over card crime

Students at Haverstock School
Haverstock students have been 'really dedicated to the news'

Students at Haverstock Secondary School, in Camden, north London, have been investigating credit card crime.

Year 9 school reporters picked up on stories about criminals using machines to skim credit cards for data and cash, and are finding their own interviewees.

"We're going to interview someone who had all her money stolen, and find out whether the banks were able to help her out or not," said the school's international news reporter for the day, Egzon.

"It's my job to do all the interviews and then report in front of the camera.

"We've checked our story with more than one source, I'm writing the script now and as soon as that's finished, we're going to film it."

Thoughtful reports

The school's young journalists have also produced reports on Labour minister Tony McNulty's second home expenses, the Royal Marines, and Woolworths.

"It's been so good," said teacher Georgia Gillies. "I'm proud of our students, they got on with it and have really been dedicated to the news.

"There was a bit of a discussion over who was doing what, but they got over it and now people are designing websites, setting up cameras, everything

"They've been really adult about the news - we've got entertainment and celebrity news, but they've been thoughtful about what they've been putting forward."


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