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French flavour for pupils' reports

Amina and Rosie
Amina helped Rosie with translating the interview into English

As if producing a news item in English was not challenging enough, one team of School Reporters have been doing it in French.

Year 9 pupils in the top French set at South Chadderton School in Oldham, Greater Manchester, made the decision after learning about the growing number of pupils in the area's schools who were from French-speaking countries.

Rosie, 13, researched the stories.

She said: "You wouldn't think there was anyone French in our school but we found out there was a girl called Amina in Year 7 who moved here from the Ivory Coast when she was six.

"We decided to look at the number of people who speak French in schools and how important it is as a language. I found out there are 44 French-speaking countries in the world."

Rosie used her foreign language skills to interview Amina and another pupil, Laura, who is emigrating to Canada's French-speaking region of Quebec.

She then translated the interviews so they could be dubbed over with English to enable other pupils at the areas' schools to understand the report, which was presented by fellow pupil Suzie.

Amina, 12, said: "Being interviewed was good. I was a little bit nervous.

"I said how it was hard to learn English at first and that sometimes I spoke French to my friends without realising and they would laugh."

Amina added that the other pupils' French was improving thanks to the project.


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