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Toilets, talent and tackles

School Reporters from St Roch's Secondary School in Glasgow report on the state of their toilets, a talent show and their rugby and football teams.

Toilets cause a 'stink'

A toilet
What are your school toilets like?

Pupils at Saint Roch's are raising concerns about the state of the school toilets.

Female pupils of Saint Roch's feel that the toilets are not up to the required standard.

Areas that the majority of pupils are unhappy with include that little or no soap is available at the best of times, that there is usually a shortage of toilet paper, that some of the cubicle locks are broken, that the hand dryers are sometimes switched off or not working and that there are no paper towels.

These are just some of the aspects of hygiene that pupils are unhappy with.

One pupil, Emma, 13, said: "The toilets aren't always open, and when they are, the cleanliness is not of a high standard."

The pupils have to take responsibility for them.

Head teacher, Mr McGuigan

Claire, 13, commented: "I try to avoid using them as there is never any soap and they smell."

There are also health and safety issues such as the floor being wet with no warning signs out.

Pupils are being put off using the school toilets, especially at lunch times as there are fewer cubicles, meaning that each cubicle is used more, and the smell from the toilets is sickening.

In short, most of the pupils feel that there are some simple ways to improve the standard of the school toilets to make them a lot more pleasant for pupils to use.

The school's janitor thinks that although the toilets are clean, they could still be improved. He said: "I would like the pupils to be allowed to use the big toilets at lunchtime and I think improvements could be made to the toilets such as having them redecorated and putting air fresheners and hair straighteners in them."

However, head teacher Mr McGuigan said: "The pupils have to take responsibility for them."

There are mixed views about the school toilets. Some think they should be improved while others think they are fine the way they are.

St Roch's rugby team's 2009 campaign

Rugby ball
The campaign consisted of three tournaments.

There is great anticipation ahead of St Roch's rugby team's 2009 campaign.

Last year was the team's first ever year. It was started by Chris Sagan, a Maths' teacher.

The players, all aged 13, were Robert as hooker, Marc as right winger, James as left winger, Jordan as defensive centre, Thomas as centre, and David as attacking centre.

I am expecting big things. We have cut our team down to only the good and the determined. We have brought some new players in and still have some very good runners.
Coach Chris Sagan

Last year's campaign consisted of three tournaments, all with about 5 games in each. Sadly the team only managed to get two wins from these games.

The coach, Chris Sagan commented on this, saying: "I was proud of the team last year. They put great effort into their games and in most of them they played well. By the end of last year's tournaments, all of the players had pulled together and started playing as a proper team."

There is much more potential for the team this year as they have lost a couple of players but brought in some very promising players.

Coach Chris Sagan commented on this too: "It should be a good year for us. I am expecting big things. We have cut our team down to only the good and the determined. We have brought some new players in and still have some very good runners."

This year's campaign kicks off with a rugby festival on 25 February at Cartha Queens Park. Last year's captain, David, has dropped out of the team, so Marc will be taking his position as captain in this game.

Marc gave his opinion on this year's team: "I think that we have a good, strong team this year. But we also have some very good and very fast runners. It is a very mixed team with a variety of different playing styles. It should be a good year!"

The team will be also be attending the Scotland verus Ireland game in the Six Nations at Murrayfield in Edinburgh.

Roch Factor

On 17 and 18 December 2008, there was a Christmas talent show in school called the "Roch Factor."

Only two second year and one first year student participated, with the exception of some senior pupils and members of staff.

There were two performances on both days. One in the afternoon, which was only available to pupils who were well behaved, and one at night time that was available to all pupils and parents who wanted to attend.

Everyone who was involved in the birth of the talent show has a lot to thank Mr Powell for, because if it hadn't been for him, there wouldn't have been any 'Roch Factor'.
Samantha, 13

The event was organised by Mr Powell, who hosted the event as well as performing on stage with an instrument.

His stage name was "Simon Powell" as a tribute to the famous "X Factor" judge, Simon Cowell.

Mr Powell said: "The Roch Factor was a great team effort. So much work goes on in the background to put on a show like this. The show itself was a big success with boys and girls from every year group taking part. Almost 650 people saw the four shows."

Louise, 13 said "It was a spectacular show."

Samantha, also 13, said: "It was entertaining. Everyone who was involved in the birth of the talent show has a lot to thank Mr Powell for, because if it hadn't been for him there wouldn't have been any 'Roch Factor'."

There was a variety of different talents: singers, dancers and one performance which was a short comedy act.

All in all, the "Roch Factor" was a big hit that was enjoyed by all.

Football Roch's

A football
There are still a few games left of the season.

Saint Roch's under-14 football team have been enjoying a mixed success this season.

They have played a number of different games, both at home and away. They have won four but still have a few games left.

Before the quarter finals, David said: "We're really looking forward to it."

During the game, the Saint Roch's football team were winning 1-0 after Jamie, 13, scored a penalty, but the Bannerman under-14 team scored two goals which made the final score 2-1.

After the game, David said: "It was a close game, but we were just unlucky. Some missed chances and good goalkeeping were our downfall."

The team are now out of the cup but they are very proud of what they achieved.


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