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News Day 2009 as it happened

Watch School Report highlights

Thousands of schoolchildren across the UK have been making and broadcasting the news for BBC News School Report. See how the event was covered minute by minute throughout the day.

1800 National news bulletins feature School Reporters
Students at Park Community School in Havant, Hampshire, appear on the Six O'clock News and The Gloucester School in Germany - for children of parents in the Forces - report on Radio 4.

1716 Rwandan exchange
Students pulled together a news package on a school they are linked to in Rwanda, which teachers and pupils visited last month, healthy eating and a football championship the school had won.

1655 Bankers brought to book
Edensor Technology High in Stoke-on-Trent rushed to get reports filmed, web pages made and reports reported. Students covered the credit crunch and looked into the collapse of the banking system.

1653 Is it art?
Is graffiti art or vandalism? This as the question investigated by Longton High School & Arts College in Stoke-on-Trent.

1651 Raised awareness
Thistley Hough Media & Visual Arts College had a busy day making video and online items. The students in Stoke-on-Trent looked into the awareness Jade Goody's cancer death has provided of the disease.

1650 Don't close our school
Young reporters from Trentham High School have attempted to get answers from their local council's children's service on plans to close their school.

1648 Hillsborough remembered
Students at Bebington High Sports College in Wirral, Merseyside, have been reporting on subjects close to home, covering the launch of a single to mark the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. Teacher Pam Handford feels School Report has been a very useful learning experience and looks forward to next year.

1635 Journey's end
For their news report, the students of Trinity High, Glasgow, made a film to celebrate the school moving back into its new accommodation after two years of being in temporary buildings up to eight miles away from the usual site.

1634 Stars questioned
Student reporters from Wolstanton High School in Newcastle under Lyme interviewed former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett and local sports people on their training for the 2012 Olympics.

1632 Games theory
In a rushed change to the editorial, pupils at Polesworth International Language College in Tamworth ran with an online, radio and video report. The ambitious coverage included an investigation into computer games consoles and how they might improve your co-ordination and a report into their successful anti-bullying system.

1631 It's all happening
Pupils at Barking Abbey Comprehensive School in Essex have had packed day, starting with a radio interview for BBC London on the subject of crime and its effects on young people. The young journalists covered other stories online including the Pakistan explosions, the Jade Goody remembrance book, footballer Robinho and horses being killed due to pressures of the credit crunch.

1620 How relevant is religion?
The relevance of religion to young people today was covered by radio reporters at Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School in Accrington, Lancashire. It was among more than a dozen stories compiled by 12 students to make a radio bulletin. They interviewed a priest and Catholic youth workers about falling congregations and religious awareness in society today. For a package on underage drinking they spoke to community support officers. Another item was about the "blame culture" - are students or teachers to blame when things go wrong in education?

1618 Bags of energy
Technical hitches did not spoil the fun for students and teachers at The Hertfordshire and Essex High School in Bishop's Stortford, where they had problems with video and radio files being too big to upload to their website. Teacher Jo Amphlett says the pupils "loved it" and still had bags of energy at the end of the day - unlike the teachers - who were "exhausted". "It was a great day. We think we might keep the news club going," she said.

1617 Super stuff
Pupils and teachers at Horsforth School in Leeds are pleased with how their programme went. "The students did some super stuff," said School Report lead teacher Nicola Hazell. "They learned a lot about the working environment, and how it would be as a real job." Young journalists from the school looked at the expansion of Leeds-Bradford airport and views towards the plan.

1617 Counting the cost
"Phew" writes Paula Cooper, a teacher at King Edward VI Five Ways School, Birmingham. "We have really enjoyed working on the School Report and our technical staff are preparing our work for broadcast on the web," she said. "The pupils have pursued an amazing range of stories from the cost of jeans to the cost of footballers, from real lives in Indian slums to local views of global warming."

1611 Mission accomplished
Pupils at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive in Crewe have broadcast reports on a diverse range of subjects. They looked into the effects of fizzy drinks on health and asked why a "computer error" could lead to a warning over the attendance record of a dead schoolgirl. Now they are "having a breather".

1610 Music and marathons
Up-and-coming local band "Does it offend you yeah?" gave an exclusive interview to student reporters at Theale Green Community School in Reading. They have played at the Reading Festival and will soon be touring the US. Other stories included the Reading half marathon and teachers running in this weekend's event gave their training tips.

1610 Professional job
All 28 School Reporters at Nelson Thomlinson School in Cumbria have been listening to their finished radio broadcast, which they think sounded "really professional". There were nerves in places, but overall "everybody worked together as a team" and found it a really good experience.

1607 Dancing and laughing
Chaotic but great fun was how teachers at The Emmbrook School in Wokingham described their News Day. Students looked at Comic Relief, interviewed their head teacher and one student even shaved his hair off to raise money. A new GCSE in dance was also discussed, the school dance performance filmed and those taking part interviewed afterwards. Year 9s also looked at graffiti and debated when is it art and when is it vandalism?

1556 A job well done
Teacher Joanne Lindsay from Carluke High School, South Lanarkshire, says: "We all sat down at 2 o'clock to watch the video and listen to the podcast we'd made. At the end there was a rapturous applause. The main thing the pupils have taken away from today is the amount of work that goes into making a short three-minute video."

1555 Good sports
Sport and leisure has been high up the news agenda at Werneth Study Centre in Oldham, Greater Manchester. Thirteen Year 7 and 8 pupils from Breeze Hill School, Hathershaw College of Technology and St Augustine of Canterbury RC High School produced reports on the return of manager Joe Royle to Oldham Athletic FC and the best places for days out during the half-term break.

1554 California teaming
In collaboration with California's Exploratorium, students at Framingham Earl High School had a live web chat with scientists in Antarctica. Pupils quizzed them on topics including how they managed to cope with the 24-hour sunshine and how they minimised the environmental damage to their surroundings. Teacher Steve Rackley said: "It's been a fantastic experience".

1554 Putting news online
BBC mentor Rob writes: "Check out the Skinners School website for news from Tunbridge Wells. Excellent work!"
1551 Real deadline
Teacher Julie Revans says School News Report has been exhausting but hugely successful and that School Reporters at Brimsham Green School in Gloucestershire now know the meaning of a "real deadline". Students looked at how school trips are being affected by the credit crunch and reported on a forthcoming exchange trip to Uganda by three of the school's teachers.

1550 Nicotine patches
A PCSO based at Oriel High School in Crawley has been on a course to help tackle underage smoking. She told School Reporters that she is now able to offer students nicotine patches if they want help quitting.

1550 Technical problems
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While reporting on fair trade and the environment, School Reporters at Meldrum Academy in Aberdeenshire encountered a few technical hitches, especially when they lost their internet connection. However, they've "enjoyed it and learned a lot" and will "definitely do it again".

1544 Brilliant buzz
There were frantic scenes at Gosforth Central Middle School in Newcastle upon Tyne as pupils put the finishing touches to the podcasts and websites. Head teacher Lorna Anderson said: "It's been quite frantic and exciting here but the buzz has been brilliant." Stories covered included a debate about Google Street View, developments in Alzheimer's research and Fred Goodwin.

1544 Getting airtime
Gilly, a presenter on BBC Radio Lancashire, has just done a live interview with students from Marsden Heights Community College in Nelson. They talked about their TV reports, including one on cervical cancer - very topical because of Jade Goody. School Reporters have also talked to BBC Asian Network. Their TV bulletin included reports on internet safety and choosing subject options at school.

1543 Big and strong
School Reporters at Leicester Montessori Grammar School have been talking to pupils and their school chefs about the new nutrition guidelines for school lunches taking effect in September. Contrary to some expectations, many pupils are supporting the move. "I want to grow up big and strong," one primary pupil told reporters. Students have also been calling for more PE, and overall the day has gone "really, really well".

1539 Catwalk calls
Watch out Stella McCartney. Sgoil Lionacleit school in the Western Isles might just have found the next fashion designer to take the catwalks by storm. School reporters have interviewed the winner of a prestigious Scottish fashion award who just happens to be a pupil at their school. Fourteen-year-old Sian won the prize for her dress design made out of junk. It had shredded paper on it, and was accompanied by a handbag made out of money.

1538 Colourful interview
Graphic novelist Al Davidson was interviewed by reporters at Burleigh Community College, Loughborough.
1536 Pupils' tribute
Pupils at Kelso High School in the Borders have been paying tribute to one of their teachers who died last week. School Reporters have been covering a memorial service this lunchtime for Mr Mitchell who taught maths. Students have contributed to a tribute film about him.

1536 Sats grilling
Year 9 students at London Academy in Edgware have been interviewing their head teacher about her decision to continue with Sats even though they're being widely abolished. "They gave her quite a grilling," said Alex Shapland-Howes, head of year 9. "They're not too happy about it!" This is the first time London Academy has taken part in School Report, and by all accounts it's been a great experience.

1535 Fim marathon
A year since the death of film director, Anthony Minghella, Year 7/8 students at Swanmore Middle School on the Isle of Wight have been looking at the Anthony Minghella Movie Marathon taking place on the island. They've also been looking at efforts to turn the Isle of Wight into an eco-island and the debate about wind turbines.

1533 Football legend
Just packing up, after putting on a marathon "fantastic" three-hour programme with other schools, are pupils and teachers from St Ambrose Barlow RC High School in Swinton, Lancashire. Eleven-year-old presenter Molly was thrilled to meet and interview former Manchester City player Alex Williams. "He's a legend," says Molly, "I was really star-struck".

1531 MP doorstepped
Work minister Tony McNulty was stopped in the street by young journalists from Park High School in Stanmore, north London. He didn't seem very keen to talk to them about the investigation into his expenses...

1530 London links
Our Lady's Convent High School in Stamford Hill has been collaborating with BBC London to report on whether a new East London Line underground station is going to benefit the area. Girls from the school also got a chance to interview London Mayor Boris Johnson.
1528 Veteran pupil
Pupils at Lenzie Academy have been speaking to a former pupil who now lives in the US. They traced the 89-year-old war veteran to his home thousands of miles away and have been finding out about his life since he left Scotland. School Report teacher Alison Elliot said it has been great for the pupils to communicate with someone much older than themselves and learn about his interesting life. They've made a film all about it.

1528 Deadline dash
Students at Harton Technology College in South Shields suffered the familiar newsroom dilemma of having to get the bulletin down to the right size. Teacher Lynne Swann saide: "But it's been fantastic, our reporters went on location and did a report from the seafront and they did the weather forecast from the beach. We've even got our own jingle which the students made!"
1527 Money matters
Pupils from West Hatch High School in Chigwell travelled to London to quiz the UK area manager from Ernst & Young on the causes of the credit crunch and what it means for them.

1525 Four pupils, three hours, one day
Tenbury High School's young students spent the day reporting on the local fundraising efforts of Kemp Hospice. Other reports from the school in Worcestershire included meeting Olympian Darren Campbell.

1524 Drinking laws
Reporters at The Vynne Community School in Basingstoke surveyed Year 9s about their use of alcohol and compared legal drinking ages here with those of other countries. They concluded that the law needed to be clearer and updated. Healthy Schools was another topic discussed.

1523 Foreign correspondent for the day

Kingussie High's international reporter Eilidh says she's had an amazing day. "It has been really, really fun," she says. She covered the story of the car bomb in Afghanistan. Pupils have also done a report on the school's 40th birthday.

1521 Alcohol issues
Teenage drinking has been the focus of reports by Year 8 students at Breeze Hill School in Oldham, Greater Manchester. Its 11-strong team has been speaking to local shopkeepers and police about the problems it can cause.

1520 Life's a beach
With the credit crunch on their minds, reporters at Colne Community School in Colchester have been looking at whether holidaymakers will be saving their pennies by staying in Britain this summer. They have been interviewing people about the merits of the area's blue flag beaches. Teacher Simon Hankinson says it's been a rather frantic, but fulfilling day.

1520 Lights, camera, panic
Teacher Stephanie Whitelaw, from Hayes Secondary School in Kent, says: "There was a bit of panic in the five minutes up to the deadline, but we made it fine, and now we're ready to show the parents the finished film." Year 8 pupils have been looking at the issue of road safety in the local area. They interviewed a class member who was involved in a road accident a few years ago to get her views.

1518 Radio day
Ten pupils from Buile Hill High School in Salford, Greater Manchester, and their teachers are happy but tired - after taking part in a big radio show involving 30 other schools. Top topics for them included anti-social behaviour, young people getting a rough deal in society, their school's new name - and Fern Britton.

1517 Card questions
Teachers, canteen staff and students have been interviewed as part of Kelmscott School Reporters' piece on the one-card system in school.

1517 Precise planning
Year 7 classes at Beacon Community College in Crowborough, East Sussex, have completed their School Report, with nine groups simultaneously filming their bulletins. Having completed practice sessions before, the students knew exactly what to do to meet their deadline and work well under the pressure. Journalists from the local newspaper attended to see how the budding reporters were doing.

1516 Heading to Twickenham
St Peters RC High School in Gloucester have made TV packages reporting on their local rugby team heading to Twickenham, changes to their school timetable and interviewing the BBC's Huw Edwards.

1515 Tourist attraction
A BBC mentor writes: "Students at Monkseaton Middle School in Tyne and Wear have been challenging a local MP about plans to revive a flagging tourist destination. Another team are preparing a report about the HPV vaccination following the death of Jade Goody."

1514 Gruffalo issues
Julia Donaldson- author of the Gruffalo books got a grilling from pupils at Jordanhill Primary School. Pupils also did a special Scottish section in their TV bulletin - meeting with Muriel Gray and getting their hands on the Homecoming Cup - one of Scotland's oldest trophies.

1513 Too much too young
Impington Village College students have been investigating whether there is too much pressure on pupils in school today.
The School Reporters' are also interviewing teachers on the new SEAL initiative (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning).

1512 Do you feel safe on your streets?
People in east London have been talking to young reporters from Leyton Orient Education Centre PFS about knife crime in their area, whether they feel safe and what they want the government to do.

1511 We did it!
Teacher Suzanne Johnson from Diss High School in Norfolk says she's incredibly pleased with the 45 Year 9 reporters who managed to meet their 2pm deadline. She said: "It has been absolutely superb. The reporters have all been so excited about the whole experience - they even gave up their breaks and lunchtime to make sure the end product was perfect."

1511 Editors lay down the law
Nearly 80 pupils from seven schools in the Oldham area have been working from the local City Learning Centre, where Siobhan and Anna, both 14, from North Chadderton School are the TV editors. Their running order has featured stories including Jade Goody's funeral, grandparents being taken for granted and teenage drinking. The best bit? "Being an editor gives us the chance to be bossy," said Anna.

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1510 Watching Jade
A BBC mentor writes: "Stoke High School went into Ipswich and asked people about celebrities and what they thought about the coverage of Jade dying. They did a live interview with a reporter from the Press Association, who has covered the Jade story."

1510 Why do teenagers drink so much?
Why do teenagers in our country drink so much alcohol? This has been the debate amongst reporters at Rye St Anthony School in Oxford. They have finished their live broadcast and loved every minute of it. Other stories included "Should schools encourage more unusual sports as we prepare for the Olympics in 2012?" and "purity" rings.

1509 Newsroom buzz
Year 9 students at Bodmin College are feeling the pressure of working in news after spending the morning putting the final touches to their news reports on a variety of subjects. Teacher Rebecca Stott says the atmosphere has been "buzzing, like a real newsroom" and that students involved have "shown true professionalism".

1509 Kenya bound
School Reporters at Babington Community Technology College in Leicester have been talking to a fellow pupil who has won a trip to Kenya. Other topics the young journalists are covering include international news, sports and healthy eating.

1505 Spice of life
The importance of diversity is the hot topic of discussion among the young journalists at Waverly School in Birmingham. They have been reporting on how this is essential to progression.

1503 Challenging stereotypes
A teacher from Wildern School in Southampton says: "Students have been busy filming three reports for the project including the stereotype that teenagers have. They've even followed the story of Spandau Ballet organising a comeback tour. The students now have a podcast about the growing concern over CCTV and our privacy, and a written report on the controversial subject of whether Sats tests should be abolished."

1500 Get ready Shetland

School Report's most northerly school, Sandwick Junior High School on Shetland, has got lots in its bulletin, including a story about the Shetland Folk Festival, a trip to America, Formula One and, of course, a very important weather forecast.

1458 Mandarin's the way forward
School Reporters at Bo'ness Academy in Falkirk are investigating the benefits of learning Chinese language and culture, as students and teachers in their school have begun Mandarin lessons. They're interviewing a visiting teacher from China, their head teacher and the school's international co-ordinator, who is organising a school trip to China in June.

1457 Fair pay to the lads?
Students from St Peter's High School in Manchester took advantage of their links with Manchester City Football Club to interview former player Earl Barrett. The report was about money in the Premier League, and they asked him his views on transfer fees, players wages, and, of course, Kaka.

1457 HPV vaccines
Leading on the topic of cyber bullying and the HPV vaccines, School Reporters in George Green's School in Tower Hamlets have been interviewing their head teacher and other pupils for TV packages. HPV vaccinations are extremely relevant for the Year 8 girls who have just had the vaccine, and their investigations into the topic were also inspired by Jade Goody's cervical cancer.

1456 Football forecast

Reporters at Rosshall Academy in Glasgow bagged a phone interview with BBC football commentator Chick Young just as he was about to board a plane to Amsterdam for the Scotland/Holland match. They asked him questions about the Scottish line-up and who would be the biggest threat on the opposing team.

1455 Kitchen talk
Pupils at Kaskenmoor School in Oldham, Greater Manchester, are interviewing a local band and talking to their head cook about nutritional guidelines.

1454 Jade and Natasha raise health issues
Reporters at Longsands College in St Neots have been touched by the deaths of Jade Goody and Natasha Richardson. Should cervical cancer vaccines be given to younger women? Should we be more careful on the ski slopes and wear helmets?

1451 New ferry crossing
Pupils at Dartmouth Community College in Devon have been interviewing the managing director of the new ferry service that will take locals and holidaymakers from Dartmouth across the river to Kingswear. It will be twice the size of the previous service and will make the trip much easier for a large number of people.

1451 Out on the town
Young reporters at Queen Elizabeth Humanities College joined BBC Hereford and Worcester to record interviews live for radio. The students then took to the town to investigate how local businesses are surviving the credit crunch.

1450 Gunning for the gulls
The menace of urban seagulls is being examined by young reporters at St Joseph's College, in Dumfries. The pupils - some of whom have themselves been attacked by seagulls in the town - interviewed the manager of a falcon patrol, which aims to prevent the gulls nesting in the area. Other topics include the school's centenary celebrations, and stories are being uploaded to their school website.

1449 Food for thought
A Year 7 teacher at Fort Hill Community School in Basingstoke has said her pupils are working their socks off. The School Reporters have investigated healthy eating, paying particular attention to the fact their school has incorporated government standards, and composed pieces on their upcoming school play and the idea of rewarding and encouraging good behaviour.

1447 Spotlight on new building
School reporters are trying to get questions answered about a new building at Lytchett Minster School. The school in Poole, Dorset, is also reporting on the region's weather.
1445 Horror and Hippos
Paintings of giant white hippos have been appearing all around North Walsham, so young journalists at North Walsham High School have been investigating. Reporters have also been speaking to pupils who have made a horror film.

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1444 Rocking the boat
BBC mentor Ian Moss writes: "It's very busy at Thomas Hardy School in Dorchester. The students have been editing exclusive footage filmed aboard RMS St Helena and filming new stories from today."

1442 Rhythm of news
Students at St George's Church of England school in Gravesend have created their own news video trail, with original music featuring Sikh drumming by one of the pupils. They've recorded a number of packages including one on horse fighting, which is practised in China along the lines of cock fighting elsewhere.

1441 Local connections
Pupils at Chailey School, Sussex, are currently filming today's news. Their top story is about their link to Chailey Heritage, a nearby school for pupils with disabilities. Once a month, they visit Chailey Heritage and help out with lessons. The Year 7 reporters have also made a video about a local organic farm, looking at the importance of eating well.

1440 Lives less ordinary
Human rights in Zimbabwe have come under scrutiny at Crown Woods School in Greenwich, London, which has managed to complete its report with plenty of time to spare. The reporters have each examined aspects of life in Zimbabwe - such as the spread of cholera and the wealth gap between men and women. Geography teacher Vicky Adnitt says the idea came out of watching this year's Comic Relief.

1438 Pet allergies
How do you help a pet with an allergy? That topic was investigated by students at Sir John Thursby Community College in Burnley. They were moved by the story of a horse called Pandora who is allergic to grass. Teacher Nazia Amin says their TV bulletin also included reports on nutrition guidelines for school lunches, the problem of anorexia and cervical cancer awareness.

1437 Green shoots
Reporters Lewis and Danny edited a TV report on the environmental sustainability of Sir William Robertson High School, Lincoln. Their verdict? "All right... but could do better". Other pupils have continued the theme of the environment, looking at stories on eco-fashion, food miles and the impact of plastic bags.

1436 Coming to the UK
Students at St John Wall Catholic School have investigated migration to Birmingham and ask what life in the UK is like for some pupils and staff. Other reports include interviews with their head teacher and Birmingham chef Glynn Purnell.

1435 Paralympic champ interviewed
Students from Glenthorne High School in London interviewed Paralympic champion David Weir earlier today and with a bit of help from their BBC mentor, cameraman Tony Dolce, filed their TV report directly to the School Report team.
1432 Island politics
Politics on the Isle of Man differs from what happens on the British mainland - so that was what Queen Elizabeth II High School on the island investigated. The minimum voting age is 16 rather than 18 - and reporters interviewed the island's chief minister about that. Sixth-formers old enough to vote were filmed telling the younger students about it. Another video piece explored what it is to be Manx - an inhabitant of the Isle of Man. Locals were asked about living just five minutes from the beach and the very low crime rate. Keith Winstanley, the deputy head, says: "The kids loved it - it's been fantastic."

1432 Switching sports
Reporters from Counthill School in Oldham, Greater Manchester, have been focusing on a campaign to recruit members for Team GB at London's 2012 Olympics. Organisers want players released from football or rugby teams to consider switching sports and the 11-strong team of Year 7 pupils is finding out whether rugby league players in the area would take on a new challenge.

1430 Mixed views on games
Seven pupils from Years 7 to 9 at New Bridge School in Oldham, Greater Manchester, have been asking local people about a university report which said playing video games could boost brain power. They found young people agreed with the academics, while adults thought games just made youngsters more disruptive.

1429 Video excitement
The 25 pupils involved in the project at Chipping Sodbury School have made the final tweaks to their video reports on subjects ranging from the credit crunch to bullying to Comic Relief. "The kids seem to be really enjoying it," says teacher Shaun Hatton. "And it's been not too bad considering we've not done it before."

1428 Feeling the crunch
School Reporters at Blakewater College in Blackburn are investigating the credit crunch to see how it has affected their school, from the school's budget to pupils' spending on school dinners. They are interviewing students, the assistant head teacher and the school's business manager and are busy putting the final touches to the item for their news bulletin.

1427 New school
From the sinking of the Titanic to cyber bullying, students at Smith's Wood Sports College in Birmingham are covering issues that interest them in an exciting day in the newsroom. Students have also reported on the development of their new school which is currently being built and have interviewed their head teacher on this expansion.

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1426 The countdown is on
BBC mentor Sarah Ransome writes: "At Churston Ferrers Grammar School near Brixham everything's been filmed, the editing is under way, the countdown is on to get it in the can and ready for broadcast."

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1424 Three-year GCSEs
BBC mentor Faye Harland writes: "All is going to plan at Piggott School in Berkshire, although we have loads of editing to do. Subjects range from three-year GCSEs to potential olympic champs."

1422 Going green
Teacher Kerry Coburn from Bishopshalt School in Uxbridge, Middlesex, writes: "Today we have had a briefing where we looked at a variety of newspapers and then selected the stories which we are going to focus on. We have decided to make our main story about climate change. This being an international problem, we will then bring it down to a local level and say what our eco-council in school can do to help."

1420 Size matters
"Bedlam!" is how English teacher Debbie Bonner describes the past two days at Cottingham High School in East Yorkshire. More than a hundred pupils have been involved in organising the School Report News Day - operating in 10 groups. But Miss Bonner says it's a great feeling when it is all coming together.

1418 Green matters
Glengormley becomes 'Greengormley' as third year reporters at the school in Northern Ireland tackle environmental issues. The team have created a TV report which follows the introduction of a wind turbine and composting facilities at Glengormley High School. Their green masterpiece makes its debut today.

1415 Cervical cancer
Social education teachers are being interviewed as part of Johnstone High School Reporters' piece on the cervical cancer vaccination in schools. The school in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, is also taking the opportunity to ask the teachers about binge drinking as well.
1408 Limited options?
The stress involved in picking "option" subjects to study at GCSE is pre-occupying the minds of reporters at Charles Burrell High School in Thetford, Norfolk. The students have been investigating why they are only allowed to study certain combinations of subjects. They have also been editing an interview with the head of ICT about the school's policy on access to internet chatrooms.

1405 Back to the future
Students at Thomas Tallis School in Greenwich are canvassing opinions about the new school that is set to replace their current one. They are reporting from the building site and asking students what facilities they would like to see in the new school.
1400 It's showtime. Students present their news, bulletins and reports to an audience in their school. They have until 4pm to put their work on the school's website.
1356 Going live
A BBC mentor Alan writes: "At Hylands in Chelmsford, we've been recording our links for our news. It's been a busy morning here, including a live piece for School Report!"
1354 A question of choice
Do students have enough time for GCSE choices? This is one of the subjects young reporters at Selly Park Technology College for Girls in Birmingham are covering. Other stories include investigating international student exchanges and interviews with their school band.

1353 Exploring 400 years of history
Pupils at Loreto High School in Manchester are putting the finishing touches to a special report about the history of their school. The Loreto Sisters, a Catholic group which promoted equal rights for women, were founded 400 years ago. They inspired primary and secondary schools to open all over the world. For their television report, Year 8 students have interviewed staff at their own school, and also to head teachers at other Loreto schools across the UK.

1350 Bigger and better school
The planned merger of two schools in the Stoke-on-Trent area is a hot topic at Brownshill Maths and Computing College. Year 7 student Nikki says bringing her and the other school together will make the new academy "bigger and better". They're interviewing fellow students and teachers on the subject for a podcast that will run on the web.
1349 Why is cycling becoming popular?
A BBC mentor writes: "Exmouth Community College students are chasing a story about a surge in popularity of cycling in Devon since the Olympics. They've just persuaded someone from the council's cycling team2cycle in for an interview. They're also cutting our exclusive interview with the chancellor for a piece on the recession."
1348 Deadline looms
A BBC mentor writes: "BBC News Channel lead director Neil Stainsby has completed filming for Buttershaw School website in Bradford. Now the focus is on editing the news before the deadline."
1345 Student's roaring tale
Zoe, 13, from The Hathershawe College of Technology in Oldham, Greater Manchester, has been researching a radio package about Yosef Mome, who has been hand-feeding a pack of wild hyenas in Ethiopia for 50 years. "We interviewed a zookeeper who said it was very dangerous," said Zoe.

1343 State of health
Underage drinking was investigated by reporters at Queensbury School in Bradford. They interviewed a local pharmacist, recording her on a dictating machine. Natasha in Year 9 says: "We asked her about the health issues. She said heavy drinking can cause liver problems like cirrhosis and people have accidents." A counsellor who deals with drink problems also featured in their report. Other groups investigated knife crime, cancer and sport.
1339 Should Sats be scrapped?
School Reporters at Oakgrove School in Milton Keynes are looking into whether Sats at Key Stage 2 should be scrapped and the students themselves have mixed feelings about it - they had to go through them, why shouldn't others? Other reporters are finding out whether eco-schools are actually effective.
1336 Governors bow to student pressure
Young journalists at Abbey College in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, are tackling the impact their school has on the environment. Pupils measured their carbon footprints and sought ways to reduce it, forming an eco group to bring suggestions to the school governors. The student body was successful and improvements are being implemented.

1334 Uniformity debate
Students from Walton Girls' High School, Lincolnshire, are conducting a survey regarding school uniforms, and not just for the pupils. They're asking the teachers whether they should also have a uniform and if so what it should be.

1333 School of Rock reach final
Wilmslow High School's 46-strong team of Year 9 School Reporters are making headlines with a potential headline act. The school's own band, The King's Horses, have reached the final of a major national radio competition. Student Anna has taken on the task of being editor for the day, and has more on the story: "They have been invited to perform in the final against two other top bands, with their performance judged by a panel of experts. We've put the story on the website and we've got quotes from Caroline, who is the bassist."

1332 Healthy eating and giant rabbits
A hard-working team of seven student reporters at Blairgowrie High School in Perthshire are preparing a report on healthy eating in school. It's a case of school dinners versus the burger van outside. On a less healthy note students are preparing a report on a cake cook-off that took place in school for Comic Relief. They're also covering a story on the world's largest rabbit and claims that his owner may have to give him up after becoming allergic to him.
1325 Spandau Ballet reunion gets hearts pumping
Top story of the day for School Reporters at Haywood Engineering College in Stoke-on-Trent is the prospect of 80s band Spandau Ballet reforming. Year 10 student Bethannie, who is in charge of editorial, says they chose the story "because it's the most popular on the internet". She says she's not much of a fan but "the boys are really excited about this story."
1323 School becomes newsroom
Students at St Roch's School, Glasgow, have turned their classroom into a real-life newsroom. Teacher Lisa McKerley, a former reporter, has organised students into teams to reflect real-life working. There is a home desk, a foreign desk and an entertainment desk. Students have taken on roles such as editors, reporters and producers. The home desk is researching the fact that the Scottish government has decided to press ahead with an alcohol pricing scheme with the aim of reducing underage drinking. They are interviewing Alcohol Focus Scotland to find out whether this will have an impact on the problem.

1321 Balls on the spot
Student reporters at Banbury School, Oxfordshire, have quizzed the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Ed Balls, about textbooks. They have also interviewed two local men making amazing journeys for charity.

1320 Bird song
Mrs Bloomfield from Marden High School, North Tyneside, writes: "We have an interview with NASA astronaut Major General Charlie Bolden, who visited our school earlier this month - and an interesting story about an opera singing budgie."

1318 Irish language radio
Pupils at St Catherine's College in County Armagh are excitedly waiting for their news show to go out on BBC Radio Ulster. The young reporters put together a half-hour Irish language show, covering topics from Jade Goody to their teachers' hobbies. Teacher Conall Marton said: "The pupils loved the experience. Now it's hard to get them back into their books!"

1315 Flying high
Following a successful Red Nose Day, students at Heath Park Business and Enterprise College in Wolverhampton have interviewed staff about their fundraising efforts and a balloon release for charity. Other reports include investigative looks into abortion adverts and recycling.

1314 Taking over the sofa
Students from Top Valley School and Engineering college in Nottingham will be joining the regular presenters on the East Midlands Today sofa. They will be reporting on ideas for a new icon for the city of Nottingham and taking to the street to find out if people still think school uniforms are important.

1312 Students skim through credit card story
School reporters at Haverstock Secondary School in Camden, north London, have picked up on stories about criminals skimming credit cards to steal data and cash. Egzon has been working on the report: "We're going to interview someone who had all her money stolen, and find out whether the banks were able to help her out or not," he says. "We've checked our story with more than one source, I'm writing the script now and after lunch we're going to film it."
1311 Locked up for lying
Students at William Ellis School in Camden, north London, were fascinated by the story of Sean Hodgson, who was freed last week after spending nearly 30 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. The children from Year 8 recorded a report about Mr Hodgson, who got into trouble with the police when he made a false confession. Alfie, who presented the item, said: "It was really strange that he could spend 27 years in jail for something he didn't do. They said that it was because at the time he was a pathological liar."

1309 On the spot
School Reporters Yasmin and Zaibunisa from Islamia Girls' High School, London, had an unexpected call at lunchtime - from BBC World news. They did a live phone interview, with the presenter talking about their earlier interview with Max Clifford and report on celebrity culture. Fellow students Rayma and Meriem were also live earlier on Radio 4's Today programme.
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1302 Getting ready to read the news
A BBC mentor writes: "The Downs School in Newbury, Berkshire is nearly there! Presenters Dom and Alex are finishing scripts, pieces are almost all ready! Good luck everyone! "

1301 Investigating privacy
Students at Hillcrest School in Birmingham are covering a wide range of stories, including reports on healthy eating, films about ghosts in the town hall and an investigative look into the privacy of social networking sites and gang borders in the city. They have also recorded a story on young carers which will be aired on BBC Midlands Today.

1300 Frantic edit
At Hornsey School for Girls, students are getting an insight into the pressure that professional journalists can face. Technical problems in the edit mean time will be short getting their material to air. The teams are working on stories about the ease with which teenagers can access knives, an application for a lapdancing club close to their school, and sex education. BBC mentor Valerie Jones says the students are getting a lot out of the day so far, but things are a little fraught.

1258 Salmond scrutinised
Following a pre-recorded TV interview with Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond about education and football, the first-year students at Gleniffer High School in Paisley are gearing up for their TV bulletin. They are looking forward to being newsreaders, sports reporters and even weather presenters. Mairne and David, 12, are currently rehearsing their scripts in the warm-up to their report.

1256 Mountain rescue hero wins medal
Flight Lieutenant Will Close-Ash is being interviewed about the winning the Mountain Rescue Medal by students at Thomas Hepburn School on Tyneside. The youngsters in Felling, near Gateshead, are also interviewing their Attendance Officer on the importance of going to school.
1255 Anti-bullying podcast
Year 7 School Reporters at Accrington Academy in Lancashire are doing a podcast on the problem of bullying. They interviewed a pupil who experienced racial bullying and two others who suffered homophobic bullying. "The bullies themselves refused to take part in the programme," a teacher said. The reporters also approached celebrated actor Sir Ian McKellen for comments on homophobic bullying, but that interview will be broadcast at a later date because he is currently on tour.

1254 This sporting life
Hartford High in Cheshire is a specialist sports school, so all its stories have a sporting theme. Students are putting the finishing touches to web pages on some big issues: coverage of women's sport in the media, how much footballers get paid, and who is the best Premier League manager. They've also done a radio interview with Warrington Wolves player Paul Wood about drugs in sport. They asked his views on Matt Stevens, the England and Bath prop, who has been banned from rugby for two years after testing positive for cocaine.

1253 Station visits local school
Students at St George's school, Lincolnshire, had an early start with a visit from the local radio station, which transmitted its programme directly from the school, with the young journalists participating in the review of the morning papers.

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1252 Interviewing the politicians
A BBC mentor writes: "Buttershaw student Louis from Bradford was thrilled to see his interview with the sports minister on Look North."

1250 Downturn fears
The recession may be making headlines all over the country, but School Reporters from Dormers Wells High School in Middlesex are asking: "Has it affected Southall?" They are investigating that topic for a TV package, and will also be making a radio bulletin.

1247 Olympics calling
Champion cyclist Chris Hoy was kept on track by students from The Charter School in London who did a "down the line" radio interview with him. They are interested in looking at the impact of the 2012 Olympics on sport and are interviewing Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell as well.

1245 Reporting the reporters
Students at The Grange Comprehensive School in Runcorn, Cheshire, are making podcasts about the reports being compiled by other students from schools in the area. Year 8 students, Luke and Karl, have been wielding microphones under the noses of other students and it has given them a taste for the journalist's life. Luke says he wants to be "where all the action is".

1244 Scurrying over rat facts
At the Harton Technology College in South Shields, 12 students from Years 7 and 8 have been putting together news bulletins. A redevelopment of the South Shields seafront leads the news, with reporters out filming right now, but a hefty chunk of their bulletin is given over to rats. School reporter Daniel, who has plans to be a newsreader when he's older, explains: "We've been working on a series of facts about rats, for rat lovers. One of the presenters is interested in rats, so she's going to explain all the facts and chat about them."

1243 Swapping boardroom for classroom
Does The Apprentice inspire young people to become entrepreneurial? That's the question 15 young reporters are posing at Stokesley School, in North Yorkshire. Teacher Vicki Farnaby said the Year 8 pupils were also looking at knife crime, the issue of parents tracking their children via mobile phones, and just how much teenagers cost their parents every year. About £9,000, apparently.
1241 Top tips for summer fashion
Students at the Sincil school are looking forward to summer and have been out and about in Lincoln to find out top fashion tips for the summer ahead. These will be podcast on their website later.

1239 Gaming is good for you
News reporters at Reading School in Berkshire interviewed researchers from the local university's psychology department, who said playing X-Box and other console games can improve your brain. They've also been chasing an interview with old boy-turned-Formula 1 team boss Ross Brawn, ahead of the opening of the racing season.

1238 Rugby stars tackled
Young journalists at Bath Rugby Education Centre in Somerset are interviewing Butch James, the South African Springbok and 2007 World Cup winner, and Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu, the Samoan international star, on Bath Rugby's forthcoming Guinness Premiership match against the London Wasps and their Heineken Cup match against Leicester Tigers.
1235 Discipline in sport
Why does the behaviour of rugby players differ from that of footballers? That's one of the issues investigated by School Reporters at Penryn College in Cornwall. They did TV interviews with a Cornish Pirates rugby player, a Truro City footballer and their own head of PE. Another film crew did a story about canteen food and Jamie Oliver's healthy eating campaign.

1234 Scottish quads champion interviewed
Reporters at Carluke High School, South Lanarkshire, are making a video feature and podcast about one of their star pupils, Andrew, who's a Scottish quads champion. They're making another video feature on how young people are misrepresented, plus many more features for their website.

1234 It's all in the clothes
Young journalists at Benton Park School in Leeds asked their fellow students "What it means to be me?" and found the choice of clothes was the best way of expressing themselves. They are also preparing reports on a drugs bust and a new hayfever cure.

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1233 Reaching for the stars
A BBC mentor writes: "At St Aidan's in Preesal, Lancashire, students have been writing stories on a new astronomy course in school, Earth Hour, at the weekend and local sports stories."

1230 School leavers
Students at Holden Lane High School in Stoke-on-Trent have been investigating the employment prospects for schools leavers as the credit crunch bites and the unpopularity of proposals to combine two local schools into a new academy.

1230 Headless chicken time
At Shepshed High School in Loughborough "it's a bit manic at the moment because we are trying to get all the pre-recorded interviews lined up", says teacher Steph Young. "They're running around like headless chickens," she says as they frantically write their scripts and cut the audio, including an interview with snooker player and Strictly Come Dancing star Willie Thorne.

1229 Mysteries of Ultimate Frisbee
Don't tell me you've never heard of Ultimate Frisbee? Wirral Grammar School for Boys pupils experts and have filmed a feature about how the game is played.

1227 From comedy to environment
Students at St Chad's Catholic High School have put together four films covering the environment, enterprise, fundraising and a stand-up comic. Year 8 student Tara said her favourite was the one on a project to plant a field of flowers in Runcorn to raise funds for cancer charity Marie Curie. They interviewed a local councillor and the students running the project. "It was amazing to do the interviewing and learn new skills," she said.
1225 Nerve centre
Five schools have set up their newsroom at Hackney City Learning Centre, in London. Young reporters from Haggerston school, Horizon School, Stoke Newington School, Skinners School and Cardinal Pole RC School are tackling a range of local and national news. Vivi Lachs, at the CLC, said pupils were doing vox pops and longer interviews about issues ranging from the regeneration of Dalston to abortion.

1224 Size zero
Year 9 student Rebecca at Heath Technical College in Runcorn is learning about the dangers of anorexia in a film she and other students made on the "size zero" culture. "It's a lot more dangerous than I'd realised," she said. Fellow Year 9 student Fiona worked on a film about the dangers of social networking sites at school where 90% of pupils use one. "A lot of people don't understand the dangers of these sites," she said. Best bit about School Report? "Using all the different bits of technical equipment," they chorused.

1223 Lifting the lid on toilet phobia
Reporters at Middlesbrough's Gillbrook College say they have evidence that up to four million Britons suffer from a phobia of using public toilets. But teacher Chris Brady tells us the lead story will be the possibility of a teachers' strike, for which the young reporters have no shortage of potential interviewees.

1222 Boy racers investigated
School reporters at Taylor High School in Motherwell have investigated how local baker Greggs is surviving the credit crunch, the impact of a new housing development, under-age discos organised by the local rescue services, unemployment, and the dangers of boy racers, following a series of incidents.

1221 Credit crunching
BBC mentor Jen McAllister writes: "Students at Hinchley Wood School in Surrey are working on stories about the credit crunch, Sats and the HPV vaccine."
1219 Staying in school
Students at Townsend Church of England School are focusing on the stories close to home. Reporters are spending the day finding out about classes at the Heathlands School for the Deaf, which shares their facilities, and looking for news about the school's social spaces and green credentials.
1218 Under pressure
Jo Blackmore, head of geography at Okehampton College, writes: "There are reporters currently interviewing people in the town of Okehampton and covering the opening of a new charity shop. Students are busy writing scripts, interviewing people and finding their images at the moment but the pressure is building!"
1217 Olympian effort
School Reporters at Glenthorne High School in Sutton have been interviewing Olympic medallist David Weir MBE for their TV report and online newspaper. Three groups of pupils quizzed the paralympic wheelchair athlete on his two golds, one silver and 1 bronze in Beijing and his views on drug cheats.

1215 More focus
Pupils at Heathfield School in Pinner, Middlesex, have streamlined their operation from last year. After finding they had filmed too much material and did not have enough time to edit it, they have decided to focus on three stories this time. They are considering reporting on the death of Jade Goody and, as a school which has piloted the cervical cancer jab, this is another issue being looked at.

1212 Ex-footballer reveals all
A BBC mentor writes: "The pupils at St Mary Magdalene Academy in north London are writing up interviews with ex-footballer Martin Keown and broadcaster Elayne Smith."

1210 Nigeria link-up
Students at Coombeshead College in Newton Abbot are tackling a host of international news stories with many concentrating on the issue of fair trade. They have participated in a live link-up with fellow students in a school in Nigeria to discuss the issue.

1209 Habla Espanol? After three years of studying Spanish, 13 pupils from Pensby High School for Boys in Heswall on the Wirral decided they would present their School Report radio reports in their new lingo. The youngsters, all from Year 9, have pre-recorded features about the school's new cashless canteen, how to cook paella in the state-of-the-art kitchen and a review of the school production of Aladdin. Today they are recording another feature, interviewing footballers from the team who have made it to the semi-finals of the prestigious Wirral Schools Cup.

1206 Budding weathergirl prepares to shine
Year 8 student Nicole, from Ellis Guilford School in Nottingham, is preparing to deliver her first weather forecast. "I've had to write down a script with information on the weather from the internet," she says. "It's going to be sunny, 10C, and winds of 22mph. I would love to do this properly as a job but I'm going to need quite a bit of practice first!"

1202 Mountain rescue
School reporters at Bedlington Community High School, Northumberland, are interviewing their assistant head teacher about his recent experience in a mountain rescue in the Alps. Students are also interviewing teachers and pupils about a Future Business award which the school recently won and hope to find out the key to business success.

1200 No home
Homelessness is being covered by students at the Ridgeway School in Swindon, Wiltshire. Pupils are also reporting on the school's efforts to raise money to build a school in Gambia and the life of a Swindon Town football player.

1159 Recording live
Young reporters at Whitley Abbey Business & Enterprise College are working with BBC Coventry & Warwickshire's live radio show by interviewing the show's presenters. The ambitious students are also working on video reports featuring a recent school activity day and how the credit crunch is affecting their teachers. They are also working on online items including picture galleries and diaries.

1158 Reality bites
Pupils at Heworth Grange Comprehensive School in Gateshead are organising a live debate about the issues surrounding the coverage of the late reality TV star Jade Goody. Teacher Elizabeth Hopkinson says the reporters are very busy and they are getting a real sense of the speed at which they need to work to meet a deadline.

1156 Heartbeat loss
Reporters at Caedmon School, Whitby, are looking at how the suspension of TV series Heartbeat will impact the local area. They've travelled to Goathland to interview David Lonsdale (who plays David Stockwell in the show). They've also spoken with the mayor and local businesspeople.

1154 Campaigning against gun crime
A BBC mentor writes: "A reporter from Abraham Moss High School in Manchester interviewed a representative from Mothers Against Violence, whose son had been shot, for a story about street crime."

1154 Has Simon Cowell snubbed Obama?
The students at Minster School in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, are concerned with the big international stories of the day. They are putting together a script based on a story in the newspapers that X Factor guru Simon Cowell was "too busy" to meet US President Barack Obama. Other stories which have caught their eye are TV presenter Fern Britton's reasons for quitting ITV's This Morning, a self-portrait of Hitler being sold at auction and news that some psychiatrists are offering to "treat" gay people to reduce their homosexual feelings.

1151 Eating disorders
School Reporters at Belvoir High School in Nottingham have produced a video report on eating disorders, looking at who is to blame for the rise in the disease. The students are also tackling stories about Lewis Hamilton, their new school building and urban explorations. Student Reporter Emily says that the day so far has been "quite busy but really fun" and that they're "just trying to get everything done".

1148 Watching the football for £1
A BBC mentor writes: "Students at Plant Hill Arts College in Manchester are interviewing an employee from Manchester City FC about £1 tickets for kids for the next UEFA match at Eastlands."

1144 Road building
A BBC mentor writes: "Greenfaulds High School's top story is the disruption being caused by building a new motorway. The school in Cumbernauld has interviewed one student whose family farm is being dug up to build the road - and another whose sleep is disturbed by night working."

1142 Teenage tribes
A BBC mentor Kate writes: "At Guilford County School, our stories include teenage tribes, campaigns to cut down on plastic bags, Year 6 Sats and also our main story - the credit crunch."

1141 Schools Secretary Ed Balls is being held to account by pupils live on the School Report channel. No doubt Sats will be high on the agenda

1138 Australian bush fires
Sir Harry Smith Community College is in Whittlesey, which shares its name with a town where many people lost their lives in last month's bush fires. The students at the school have been seeing how the fire service in the town is fundraising to help its namesake.

1136 Popular vote
Students at Greenvale School in south-east London have been holding a mock election to help them understand what happened in the US last November. The candidates canvassed around the school, and the voting turnout was 80%. The winner, by a narrow margin, was Uduehi, who says it's because he's popular!

1134 Ban exams
A BBC mentor writes: "Margaret Beaufort Middle School in Bedford are reporting on the Sats ban story."

1133 Women's game
A Queens Park Rangers Ladies player has been telling students from Phoenix High School, who have been working at the QPR study support centre in west London, about her hopes that women's football will soon become a professional sport. The School Reporters have also been investigating teenage pregnancy rates.

1126 How to complain - and do it well
School Reporters from Blessed Trinity College in Burnley have explored the art of writing a powerful letter of complaint. They were inspired by a complaint sent to Sir Richard Branson about the food on one particular Virgin flight. The Burnley team have also done a radio interview with the winners of a mock trial competition, which was run by the local court service. And there's another radio piece about a new species of tree kangaroo found in a rainforest.

1117 Watching fat cats
BBC mentor Rob writes: "Hello from Skinners School in Tunbridge Wells. On the news agenda are CCTV cameras, teenage drinking and obese pets."

1113 All shook up
Author Trevor Simpson says forget the sometimes unpleasant details of Elvis Presley's life - and remember the 800 tracks he recorded instead. Mr Simpson, who's written a new book on the King of rock'n'roll, was interviewed by reporters at Ryburn Valley High School in Calderdale for a programme on BBC Radio Leeds.

1112 Spaced out
Year 8s are racing to finish editing their video reports about a space day held at The High Arcal School in Dudley, West Midlands. Year 7s had a day off their usual timetable on Monday. Instead they went into orbit with a series of space-themed events and were filmed by the Year 8s.

1108 Sats concerns
The Sats controversy is a headline story today. Students at Sir Harry Smith Community College, Peterborough, are looking at the row over primary school tests and are interviewing a primary school head teacher and a secondary school head teacher.

1105 Angel of The North researched
Reporter Chantelle, 14, from Dryden School, Gateshead, is investigating the Angel of the North statue, which she calls "very big, wonderful, beautiful and nice". Students are also finding out if the Gateshead Millennium Bridge is open to pedestrians.

1105 A nose for a story
Following up on a recent, local story, school reporters at Trinity School in Belvedere, Kent, will be investigating the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Meanwhile they are also looking at ways to recycle and re-use all those red noses now that Comic Relief Day is over for another year.

1103 Radio experience
Students from four Widnes schools are writing and cutting audio at the town's City Learning Centre ready for a radio show later today. One big exclusive is a pre-recorded interview with girl band The Saturdays who talked about making their single for Comic Relief.

1101 Military life revealed
All pupils at Gloucester School, in Hohne, Germany, have parents serving in the armed forces. Year 8 pupils are doing TV reports and are about to start vox pops on a number of issues, including what it's like to be a forces child. Other groups are asking "Can politicians solve the credit crunch?" and "What's the power of celebrity?", following the death of Jade Goody.

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1100 Songs and serious issues
A BBC mentor writes: "Year 8 students at Immanuel College in Bradford have been setting today's news agenda. Stories include Fairtrade and the school production of Oliver."

1058 Going live - by accident
Pupils at Rock Ferry High School in Birkenhead interviewed their head teacher about plans to become an academy - but then lost the recording. The head agreed to go live on their radio broadcast. Teacher Mike Davies said the interview style was "less Jeremy Paxman and more Paul O'Grady".

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1056 Orphanages in India
A BBC mentor writes: "Dunraven School in Streatham just contacted India to interview the Love Trust Orphanage manager for a report on its work."

1056 High Street blues
Mrs Taylor from Patcham High School in Brighton writes: "Teheillah and Emi have gone to interview people around the shops about the credit crunch and what effects it is having on local children. Marcus and Katie have just gone live on BBC Radio."

1054 Badminton and funky literacy
Sport and literacy classes are the focus of school reports at Pimlico Academy in London. The reporters interviewed England badminton champion Gail Emms, who visited the school and is preparing for the 2012 Olympics. Other Year 7 reporters have created some funky film footage about literacy classes. They interviewed author Cathy Cassidy. Later today the reporters will be learning more about newspaper journalism.

1053 New beginnings
Young journalists at Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull are reporting on the construction of a new academy for their students and reviewing Comic Relief activities that pupils and the local area participated in. Teacher Matthew Anderson is impressed by the hard work and dedication students have demonstrated and how much they are learning about writing and presenting for an audience.

1048 Hitting sexism for six
Girls at the City of Ely Community College and Winchfield Village School have clubbed together to investigate the limits on girls' sport in schools. Year 8 School Reporter Lia explains: "Recently local sportswomen have been doing really well in cricket and cycling, but we don't get to play cricket. We have to play rounders, and we have to play netball instead of football. We're going to interview the head of PE, and then a male and female teacher, to see if their views differ." Lia admits her report could prove controversial...

1045 Heavyweight issues
Year 9 pupils at St Paul's Academy, in London, have had their planning meeting and are getting stuck into their news agenda. They will be tackling meaty issues like Royal Marine deaths in Afghanistan and investigating proposals to allow abortion advice adverts on TV before the watershed.

1044 Songs while you wait
Reporters from Robert Pattinson School in Lincoln filmed a group of young cancer patients at the Royal Albert Hall, as they wrote and recorded a song in a single afternoon. They're also busy filming interviews with the Year 10 football team who have a match tonight which could see them winning a major tournament.

1041 Budgie to be next Pavarotti
Dennis Finn, a teacher at Gosforth Central Middle School tells us: "Years 6,7 and 8 have been split into two groups. Half are recording a podcast, the others are doing reports for the website. There's one local story that's definitely captured the imagination, about a stuffed budgie called Sparkie, who is about to star in a German opera. I think that will be our 'and finally'."

1038 Dame Kelly quizzed by students
Young journalists from Rainham School for Girls have interviewed the double Olympic gold medal winner by telephone. In total 60 journalists are following stories on issues as diverse as internet safety and global citizenship. The newsroom is buzzing with excitement.

1035 Boycotts and other problems
Teacher Russell Cartlidge is helping students at Endon High School make six TV reports. One group has decided to report on the potential boycott of next year's Sats test by hundreds of schools. Other students are looking at the financial crisis, animal rights, and the typical teenage problem of acne.

1028 Geology rocks
Iain Stewart
Students at Torquay Girls' Grammar and Torquay Community College have interviewed Professor Iain Stewart to find out about his new series How The Earth Made Us and discovered how his interest in acting helped him move from teaching to television. Their report was seen last night on BBC Spotlight.

1026 Hiccups on the mind
Students at London's Wren Academy have been left breathless by newspaper reports of people who have suffered hiccups for long periods of time, and are conducting a survey to find out who in the school has endured the longest bout of this embarrassing problem.

1024 Shedding light on an embarrassing problem
Reporters at Westfield Sports College in Sheffield are editing footage of interviews they have done with staff and pupils about the implications of pushing up the school leaving age to 18. But the story that has prompted most debate this morning is a new device which shines a pink light on areas where youths gather - showing up their spots and blemishes.

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1019 Schools working on breaking news
BBC mentor Nick Crowther writes: "Morning from Camden School For Girls. We're working on the breaking news headlines and these will be linked to packages the girls filmed yesterday, which are being edited today."

1018 Sniffing out stories
The news day is just getting under way at Sir James Smith's Humanities College, in Camelford, Cornwall. Young reporters are looking at how animals have been affected by the credit crunch. They are calling the RSPCA to find out if more pets are being abandoned during the economic downturn. They are also taking a multi-media approach to news by filming an interview with their head teacher. Pupils want to know if lessons will be disrupted while building work takes place at their school.

1016 Credit crunch hitting Premiership football
The budding journalists are well under way at Alec Hunter Humanities College, in Braintree, Essex, where reports include the impact of the credit crunch on Premiership football teams. Teacher Lisa Forster is working with the students and says it is a day of "frenzied, frantic fact-gathering, but also fun".

1015 Abortion adverts on TV?
Year 9 pupils at Penistone Grammar School are investigating views about the proposal to allow family planning adverts on TV before the watershed. They are interviewing the school matron, teachers and other pupils to find out what people think about this.

1013 Schools of the future
Reporters at Bemrose Community School in Derby are interviewing their head teacher about plans to rebuild their school in a "school of the future". Students have been working with BBC Radio Derbyshire to learn journalism and radio skills and teacher Fran Harlow says the reporters are all looking forward to putting their new expertise into action.

1012 What is it to be East Anglian?
Susie from Diss High School writes: "The North have their accent but nationwide you're a 'carrot-cruncher' when you say you're from Norfolk." One of the school's reports will look at whether local and regional identity is important to teenagers these days.

1010 News through the rain
A BBC mentor Neil Stanby writes: "Filming in various locations throughout Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College. Heavy rain has curtailed outside filming, but recording a news bulletin at 11am."

1009 Mapping out the day
Teacher Jessye Hodges says there is a huge sense of excitement at The City School in Sheffield, where reporters are getting to grips with the ethical questions posed by Google's Street View mapping service. They have also been busy writing scripts for a story on calls for a youth club in their local area.

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1007 Testing times
A BBC mentor writes: "St Bernard's in Slough are researching the primary Sats row and asteroids heading for earth."

1005 Students grill chancellor
School Reporters from Exmouth Community School in Devon have travelled to Number 10 Downing Street to interview the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling. They will be using the interview as part of their resources for News Day.

1001 Teenage rebellion
Harrison and Lewis, both 13, from Brentside High School, west London, are working on their scripts and uploading images for a report based on teenage rebellion. They say they have some first-hand experience of the subject! They are interviewing teenagers and teachers. Their television report will be ready by 1.25pm, and they are looking forward to appearing in the audience of World Have Your Say this evening.

0959 Local to global
Reporters at Rosshall Academy have split into five teams, looking at international, local, sports, weather and celebrity news - then they'll meet and decide their top five stories. Lisa Blain, a course teacher at the Glasgow school, said: "There's a real buzz about for sure."

0957 The scent of success
At Birley Community College in Sheffield, young reporters are editing footage of several Year 9 students who won a technology award. They designed a pen which emits smells when pupils are revising and again when they are in an exam, with the aim of stimulating memories. They're also discussing covering protests by teaching unions against SATs. What a fragrant bunch of budding inventors in Sheffield.

0954 There's a rat in the school
A BBC mentor writes: "Primrose High School in Leeds are discussing the issue of rats in the school yard. There's an interview with rat Grey Whiskers, and what will the caretaker say?" Mmm, that should be an interesting interview...

0950 Will students be cleaning up on News Day?
School Reporters at Heathfield School in Pinner are getting stuck in to research for the stories they'll be covering today. They will be interviewing students to see if they'll be spring cleaning this Easter, or if the credit crunch has made it too expensive to buy DIY products, and they're asking "should SATs be removed?"

0948 Salmond admits school choir fear
First Year pupils at Woodmills High School, Fife, have had the opportunity to visit the Scottish Parliament to interview Alex Salmond, the Scottish First Minister, as part of their report about how after school activities can boost pupil's education. The minister spoke about his love for singing in the choir but how he was teased for it.

0941 Special Olympics report
School reporters at Park School in Blackpool have interviewed an ex-pupil, Ellie, who will be swimming in the Special Olympics in Leicester in July. They have filmed her training with her father and also interviewed two Olympics ambassadors - Lee Penfold, a basketball player in the GB team, and Tim Stimpton, an ex-Leicester rugby player.

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0937 Learning about Darwin On Wednesday 12, Year 8 students from Birches Head High School in Stoke-on-Trent went on a trip to Shrewsbury, to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of the town's most famous son Charles Darwin. The visit was arranged by Nathan, Joe, Emily and Naomi, who are involved in the National Challenge, and they explained to fellow students what was involved and said they were already hard at work planning their next trip, to London.

0929 Going global
A teacher at Prospect College in Reading says Year 8 reporters are busy covering not only the school's refurbishment but also global educational issues - funding for schools, sex education and teenage pregnancy. They have a multi-media approach - web reports, filming and radio.

0925 School Reporters interviewing Midlands Today presenter
Pupils from Lyndon School Humanities College are excited to be interviewing Suzanne Virdee from BBC Midlands Today along with covering all the latest news stories in their area.

0923 Reporting on Rwanda
The Hampton School Reports team writes: "Pupils will be reporting on the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide as the 15th anniversary approaches. They will interview Mark Doyle, BBC World Affairs Correspondent, David Belton, co-writer and producer of the film Shooting Dogs, David Russell, Director of the charity Survivors Fund and Liliane Umubyeyi, a survivor of the genocide now living in Britain."

0918 Wirral Grammar deliver Orville exclusive
Orville and Keith
Wirral Grammar School for Boys have come up with a scoop early on. Harry, from Year 8, sealed an exclusive interview with Keith Harris and his feathered friend, Orville. Harry tells us: "Orville was quite funny, he was making jokes, but Keith was very serious with a very posh voice. I asked him if Orville has a girlfriend - he said no, because he's been too busy."

0916 Virtual controversy
Reporters at Redmoor High School have plunged into a row over Virtual Learning Environments, which "students don't like but the staff do", says teacher Louise Gilbert. Pupils from the school in Hinckley, Leicestershire, have just been on the Breakfast Show at Radio Leicester and are touring the studios now.

0904 Students are getting the chance to interview some of the biggest names in UK politics. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg are all up for a grilling. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson, his deputy Martin McGuinness and Welsh Assembly Speaker Dafydd Elis Thomas are also taking part.

0902 Dundonald School Reporters probe financial crisis
Teacher John Skarmoutsos from Tor Bank Special School, in Dundonald, Belfast, tells us: "We have recorded interviews with an ex-pupil, and our School Reporters have realised with the financial situation at the moment it's difficult to get a job, since that person lost one of their jobs. Yesterday, four of our students visited BBC Northern Ireland, then recorded a small programme - which might go out on air today."

0900 Should we stay or should we go?
Reporters at Radcliffe Riverside in Manchester are on to a matter of life and death - plans to close their school down. They'll be investigating the arguments for keeping the school open and for closure.

0853 From rags to riches in Crosby
Teacher Karen Kays from Sacred Heart Catholic College, in Merseyside, tells us: "We are focusing on fashion and how we have created a throwaway society. Our school has held 'rags to riches' events to help schools in Sierra Leone, and we will be looking at poverty there, and differences in fashion. Video broadcasts and radio interviews are being recorded with people key to our stories."

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0850 The Great School Dinner Debate
A BBC mentor writes: "St Albans High School for Girls have gone live with Gareth Lloyd for 3 Counties Radio talking about the great school dinner debate."

0840 For those who aren't familiar with News Report, it's not just a one-day event. Around 25,000 11 to 14-year olds have been working for months on the project. Loads of teachers and BBC staff have given up their time to help out too. And, just like the real world, there's a deadline to meet!
0825 Wow. It's not even 8.30 yet and look how busy everyone's been. It's time to get our breath back and look forward to some of today's highlights. For the braver among us, there will be an investigation of ghosts. English Schools Secretary Ed Balls, a close ally of Prime Minister Gordon, will be interviewed, as will Max Clifford, the spokesman for reality TV star Jade Goody, who sadly died at the weekend. And that's just a little bit of what's going on.
0814 School Reporters on BBC Breakfast
Young journalists from The Dukeries College appear live on BBC Breakfast talking about the stories making the news headlines today including Spud, the bald hedgehog. Are all his pricklier mates called Spike?

0812 Wildern School reporters at BBC South
A teacher from Wildern School writes: The team of school reporters at Wildern School are raring to go! Three students visited BBC South studios on Wednesday 25 March and took part in a radio interview about School Report. One student, Taha even got the chance to present and record part of an introduction sequence for Thursday's South Today broadcast.
0811 Sporting differences investigated
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Year 8 School Reporters at Margaret Beaufort Middle School in Bedford have already prepared with a practice News Day. They are planning an investigation into whether the media favours men's sports over women's.

0810 Is ladies' football fair?
Our fourth football story - already! Ladies' football has been looked at by School Reporters from Queens Park Rangers Study Support Centre. They have interviewed a member of the team and ask why men get paid to play and women do not.

0809 What it means to be you
Individuality is going to be investigated by students from Tendring Technology College in Essex. They will be talking to their friends about their personal interests and varied activities.

0808 Credit crunch questions
School Reporters form Whitley Abbey School in Coventry will be asking fellow students and teachers how the credit crunch is affecting them. They will also talk to three students who have worked directly with the BBC.

0807 Science reported in Nottingham
The scientific innovations of Nottingham have been covered by School Reporters from Trent College in the city. They have also interviewed some budding Olympians and conducted a pancake day taste test. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

0805 We are live on the BBC's Red Button until 8 o'clock tonight, so keep pressing it as often as you can!

0804 Olympic athlete interviewed
Olympic gold-medal winning cyclist Chris Hoy has been interviewed by School Reporters from The Charter School in London. On their News Day they will also put questions to the Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell.

0803 Environment reports planned
School Reporters from Churston Ferrers Grammar School in Brixham, Devon, have the environment and credit crunch in their sights as possible topics to cover on their News Day.

0802 Olympian interviewed by students
Double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes will be taking questions from School Reporters at Chiswick Community School. They will be asking about funding for young athletes for the London Olympics in 2012.

0800 Terror strategy reported
Students from Acton High School in London have already produced several reports for their News Day, including pieces on economic deflation, the country's terror strategy and knife crime.

0758 On location Weather bulletin
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A teacher from Craigholme School in Glasgow writes: "I just wanted to let you know that we filmed our week-long forecast in Maxwell Park, opposite our school."

0757 Scotland manager team selection revealed
Teacher Eilidh Macalister from Shawlands Academy in Glasgow writes: Our mentor, Gillian Marles, arranged for Marcus and Harry (and me!) to attend a press conference at Hampden Park on Tuesday 17 March, where George Burley, the Scotland football manager, discussed his team selection.

0756 Electricity cut on purpose
Teacher Dawn Hughes from Desborough School in Maidenhead, Berkshire, writes: "We are taking part in the Earth Hour project, switching off our lights for one hour on News Day. School Reporters will interview students and teachers about the effect of conserving power." Will they use batteries for their cameras?

0755 2,500 year-old mummy makes the news
Top Valley School and Engineering College in Nottingham are reporting on the recent find of an Egyptian mummy. They enlisted the help of Professor Brian Pyatt from Nottingham Trent University, who is an expert on "bog bodies". What a lovely job...

0754 BBC news presenter gives top tips
The BBC's Charlotte Green ran a newsreading masterclass with students from London Academy in Middlesex. So there's no excuse for anyone fluffing their lines now!

Students organise News Copter
Students at St Albans High School for Girls have proved they have a head for heights. They were able to capture aerial footage from a helicopter to support their story about a local forest. Here the School Reporters are directing the pilot.

0747 News reports already published
Some people in west London have been very busy - and well organised! Greenford High, Acton High, Featherstone High, Twyford Church of England High School and The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, all in west London, have already uploaded news reports to Ealing City Learning Centre's website. Access their work via the clickable map or list, see links on the right hand side of this page.

0745 Credit crunch investigated
Two head teachers are being interviewed as part of Hinchley Wood School Reporters' piece on the effect of the credit crunch. The school in Esher, Surrey, is also capturing students' reaction to the abolition of Year 9 Sats.

0740 Focus on football
Let's kick off with a couple of stories about the "beautiful game". The success of the local under-13 team, who have made it to the final of the schools' FA Cup, is being covered by Lord Lawson of Beamish Community School in Birtley, Gateshead. Meanwhile, the installation of a new football pitch on the roof of St Mary Magdalene Academy in Islington London is one news topic on the agenda for 12 School Reporters.

0730 Hello and welcome to our live coverage of BBC News School Report News Day. More than 10,000 students at 500 schools around the UK are being BBC journalists for the day, having a go at interviewing, broadcasting and presenting. It should be a lot of fun, so click here as often as you can to see what's going on.


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