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Journo lingo: Phrases used on a shoot

By Monica Coyne
BBC Technical Operator

School Reporters from Mayfield School and College
School Reporters from Mayfield School and College
School Reporters making a video report may find these phrases, used by BBC film crews, useful.

Before recording, the sound person says:

Can we have some word for level

Which means:

I want to check the microphone and the cables to the camera are working

Then the director says:

Roll to record

Which means:

I'm happy that the interview or piece-to-camera is set up and you can start recording

To which the camera person replies:


Which means:

The tape is recording

Then, while counting on his or her hands, the director says:

Five, four

Then silently:

Three, two, one, action (making an "action" hand gesture)

Which means:

The presenter can start speaking

After the first take, the director may say:

Pick up from...

Which means :

The presenter has made a mistake and needs to ask a question again or redo a piece-to-camera

Then the director says to the camera person:

Can you do a spot check?

Which means:

Check the beginning and end of the tape to make sure the sound and vision are okay. If it's a long interview, check a few places in the middle too.

To which the camera person replies:

That's a clear on the recording

Which means:

The sound and vision on the tape are fine

Finally the director says:

That's a wrap

Which means:

We've finished recording!


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