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Last Updated: Monday, 10 March 2008, 23:04 GMT
Newsnight editor on the team
Editor of Newsnight, Peter Barron
Editor of Newsnight Peter Barron in the BBC newsroom
School Reporters from Haggerston School in Hackney were impressed to learn just how many people work behind-the-scenes to produce the BBC's flagship Newsnight programme each day.

As part of their preparations for School Report News Day, the students had a visit from Peter Barron, the editor of Newsnight, who gave a detailed account of what goes into making half an hour of live television.

I liked it when Peter talked about how he got to be a TV editor after being a newspaper journalist

"I thought the lesson was good because Peter gave us lots of tips for our BBC project," said Farzana of the visit, which included a short DVD detailing how the show is put together.

"I was surprised when the DVD showed that there are loads of people behind the scenes and not only the presenter," said Anisah.

Team effort

"It gave me an idea of what it is like to work in the television industry," said Agathe.

The Newsnight editor's career path drew interest from the students as well.

"I liked it when Peter talked about how he got to be a TV editor after being a newspaper journalist," said Nazmin.

Jeremy Paxman

Teacher Steve Townsend said his class jumped at the chance to take advice from the people behind such an influential news programme.

"Although Newsnight is on very late and most students would not be able to watch it, it is considered to be an excellent example of news reporting and presenter Jeremy Paxman was named presenter of the year at the Royal Television Society's awards for journalism," he said.

He added that both he and the School Reporters were very impressed with Peter's commitment to offer feedback on their work after the News Day on March 13.

"He said he and Jeremy would look at our news reports when we have finished them and offer us their opinion and advice", said Mr Townsend. "To receive that level of expert help will be invaluable."


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