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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 16:15 GMT
Question Time for School Reporters
By Amrita and Keziah
School Reporters, Mayfield School and College, Essex

School Reporters Amrita and Keziah interview sixth former Arjun
Arjun's application earned Mayfield School a 'Highly Commended'
It's time to question the man behind Question Time!

Arjun, a sixth former at our school recently applied to the BBC show Schools Question Time.

Although he didn't make it through to the final, his application, on behalf of the school, was awarded a "Highly Commended" ranking by the BBC.

Question Time is a show focused on political debate.

Arjun participates in the school debating club, which is part of the school's enrichment programme.

He decided to apply after his teacher, Mr Westwood, told him about the challenge.

He said that the show would be a good opportunity to expand his debating knowledge.

In response to the issues he would have liked to discuss on the show, he replied: "Peace and discrimination. Britain is becoming a multi-cultural country and many young people are facing discrimination - but is the UK becoming a police state?"

He also said he would have liked to discuss the Olympics, in particular whether the national curriculum should be amended to allow students more time to concentrate on sports in the run up to the Games.

In addition to this he would have like to discuss immigration laws, to try and answer the questions: Are we letting too many people in the country? Is the monitoring of illegal immigrants strict enough?

When asked who he would have on his panel, he replied: "David Cameron, because he would liven up the show and has the makings of a good leader; Nick Robinson because of his broad knowledge of politics; Tessa Jowell because of her debating skills and Matthew Hickley because he would be able to provide knowledgeable information and would be able to discuss different views.

He chose these people because they have strong, different views and opinions, and together would create a good debate.

Arjun was disappointed about not getting through but he said he would apply again next year if given the opportunity because there would be new issues to discuss and it would be a great experience.

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