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Social network sites investigated

Our internet safety report
By Grace
Year 7, John Ferneley High School, Melton Mowbray

Students from John Ferneley School interview their teacher about internet safety
School Reporters interview their IT teacher about internet safety
Our School Report team have been lucky enough to have two of the BBC news team to help us with our reports.

Throughout a practice News Day, we wrote reports, video-ed interviews and recorded a script, which some of us have written for the radio.

Firstly, we talked about which topics matter to us, and in the end we decided that internet safety would be the topic we would report on.

In particular, we chose to ask the question: "How safe are we on social network sites?"

Next, we were split into teams to report on different things.

Some people were asked to go out and interview people and some were asked to write a script for the radio.

Students interview Jenny Simpson about internet safety
School Reporters interviewed Jenny Simpson about internet safety
As well as this, we interviewed Jenny Simpson from Leicestershire County Council, about promoting internet safety in our area.

Also, some of the team went out and interviewed people who had had both bad and good experiences on social network sites.

In the afternoon, we started to edit our work, using computers and other software.

One of our team, Anna, said: "I think it has been a new experience, and it has been interesting to find out what it would be like to be a journalist."

Ros Smith, a BBC School Report producer, said: "The students did a great job of thinking of questions for the guests, and have worked really well."

Altogether, the day has been a great experience for everyone.

Each member of the team has learnt something new and it will be an experience we will not forget.

It has helped everyone to build more skills for writing reports in the future.

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