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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 March 2007, 11:58 GMT
Pupils say 'yes' to staying on
Plans to encourage pupils to stay on at school until they are 18 got the thumbs-up from students at Charles Edward Brooke School in Lambeth.
Charles Edward Brooke School
School reporters interviewed classmates for their views

Three would-be reporters have been canvassing opinion among fellow pupils and teachers about Education Secretary Alan Johnson's plans.

Although leaving school is still a distant prospect for these 13-year-olds, a change in the law now is likely to affect their future.

Tania said: "We are students and we want to start knowing what is happening in education so when we get to that age, we know what is happening."

They have been carrying out interviews with fellow Year 8 pupils, as well as sixth formers and staff, for a radio broadcast.

Fellow reporter Farzana said: "Most of them said yes, they were in favour of the plans, maybe because they wanted to stay in school until they are 19."

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