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Last Updated: Monday, 26 March 2007, 11:09 GMT 12:09 UK
School Report goes Multilingual
A student at Elmfield School for Deaf Children in Bristol signs the news (Photo: Peter Sumpter)

Students taking part in BBC News School Report presented their own news reports in a variety of languages.

Working with BBC Radio Cymru, Ysgol Morgan Llwyd in Wrexham made the news in Welsh, five students from Elmfield School for Deaf Children in Bristol used sign language and Plockton High School in Ross-shire presented in Gaelic.

Over 100 schools in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales took part in School Report News Day 2006/7 including these three schools.

Below is a report - in Gaelic and English - about Plockton High School's visit to a BBC studio on 8 March.

Turas gu Stiidio a' Bh.B.C.
A Visit to the BBC Studio.

by Chrisma Dhomhnallach
Chrisma MacDonald

Teacher, Plockton High School, Ross-shire

Plockton High School in Ross-shire
Air an ochdamh latha den Mhirt, chaidh ochdnar bho Roinn na Gidhlig ann an rd-sgoil a' Phluic gu stiidio a' Bh.B.C. ann am Port Rgh.

Chunnaic iad Seumas Dmhnallach, sr chraoladair aig Radio nan Gidheal, ag ullachadh fad na maidne airson naidheachdan aon uair deug, a chraoladh.

Fhuair iad fiosrachadh air mar a bhios luchd-naidheachd a' faighinn nan naidheachd, gan eadar-theangachadh, agus air c ris a tha stiidio coltach.

An uairsin dh'ist iad ris na naidheachdan a' dol a-mach be air an idhear.

Chrd an l ris a h-uile duine gu mr agus 's e cothrom air leth a bh' ann dhan a h-uile duine.

Thuirt aon oileanach: "Tha mi a' smaoineachadh gu robh e air leth inntinneach.

Bu toil leam fhin a bhith nam chroaladair aon latha!"

On 8 March, eight pupils from Plockton High School Gaelic Department, visited the BBC studio in Portree.

They met James MacDonald, one of the leading news presenters for Radio nan Gidheal, the BBC's National Gaelic Radio Station.

They saw him preparing to broadcast the 11 O'Clock news.

They learned a lot about how news reporters find the news, translate it into Gaelic, and what it is like to be in a studio.

They then heard the news being broadcast live on air.

Everyone enjoyed the day very much and it was an amazing opportunity.

One pupil said: "I thought it was extremely interesting. I would love to be a news presenter one day!"

Students are producing a Gaelic news programme which will be broadcast on their school website on 22 March 2007.

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