Dr Germaine Greer is an Australian feminist academic who made her name with the groundbreaking polemic, The Female Eunuch. It has sold over one million copies and been published in 13 languages. She has reportedly struck a m deal after seven publishers battled over her latest book, The Whole Woman. Billed as the sequel to her first success, it's the book Greer said she would never write. "The time has come to get angry again", proclaims the introduction, because women have been sold a "fake equality". She has written about most aspects of women's lives, bringing her personal experience to bear on childhood, rape, abortion, infertility, and the menopause. Currently professor of English and Comparative Literary Studies at Warwick University, she has also published widely on literature. She ran away from home at the age of 17, went to university in Melbourne and Sydney and eventually gained a PhD from Cambridge University. She is a regular contributor to magazines including The Spectator, Harper's Magazine, Playboy and Private Eye. She recently branded her unauthorised biographer Christine Wallace a "flesh-eating bacterium."

Dr Germaine Greer, feminist writer

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