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Your NHS
Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 April, 2004, 15:09 GMT 16:09 UK
NHS operation
The government has made progress in responding to the public's priorities for health service reform - but has some way to go, a survey finds.

Almost three-quarters of people who responded to a BBC survey want a ban on smoking in all public places.

Niall Dickson explains how the NHS has changed over the years and the huge challenges it faces today.
Your NHS, on Wednesday 24 March, 2004, was the BBC's second special event day examining the nation's healthcare system.

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Ridiculous demands and unreasonable behaviour from some patients is stretching the NHS to its limits.

US professor Greg Larkin observes how certain American strategies could benefit this country.
Free long-term care for the elderly was voted the top NHS priority in 2002. We follow one couple's story, two years on.


You voted for the issues that mattered most in 2002. How did Tony Blair respond?
In 2002 we asked people to visit our ambulance video booth. Hear their views.

We went behind the scenes to see a day in the life of the people who make the NHS work:

Blair discussed the NHS


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