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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 February, 2004, 16:06 GMT
About the Programme
What the World thinks of God is a unique BBC event examining the modern world's relationship with God.

A major poll of 10,000 people in 10 countries has been carried out for the programme. And there are some startling findings about the current state of belief in Britain - and some surprising contrasts between other countries around the world.

From our studio in London Jeremy Vine will bring together religious leaders, leading authors and thinkers in a uniquely global debate.


In London Jeremy Vine's guests will include the Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, Pakistani politician and former cricketer - Imran Khan. Other guests from around the world include Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria, Jonathan Miller - atheist and broadcaster, and world famous author Ariel Dorfman.

Jewish Chasmah
A series of images created for What the World Thinks of God

The voices of religious leaders, authors and celebrities from around the world will also be included in the programme. These include Shimon Peres, Tony Benn, Stephen Berkoff, Kate Adie, Jackie Stewart, and Simon Callow.

Some of those taking part in the debate have written articles for this website and these are being published ahead of the programme.

Opinion Poll

The BBC commissioned ICM to poll in 10 countries - UK, United States, Israel, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Lebanon, South Korea, Russia, Nigeria. The 10,000 people interviewed have provided a unique insight into the state of belief in the modern world - in which countries are people more likely to go to church, where do they pray the most?

War Audit

What the World Thinks of God has also commissioned an investigation into war and conflict through the ages which asks to what extent religion or religious differences have been a contributory cause. The research has been directed by the leading authority on peace studies, Dr Greg Austin of Bradford University and the study will be published here at the website ahead of the programme.

How to watch

The programme will be broadcast on BBC Two on Thursday 26th February at 21:00 GMT. The programme can also be heard on World Service Radio on Sunday 29th February at 1306GMT.

Have your say

Over the next few weeks, before and after the programme, you can send us your views about the topics covered in the programme here at the website. And there will be a special edition of Talking Point on World Service radio on Sunday 29 February at 1406 GMT to discuss the issues raised in the programme.

What The World Thinks of God will be broadcast as follows:


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