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Tiger Woods v David Beckham
Tiger Woods and David Beckham

Tiger Woods is golf's world number one. David Beckham is probably the world's most famous footballer. Both have huge talent, wealth and celebrity status. But which man is the most powerful in the world of sport?

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Did you know....

1. Eldrick "Tiger" Woods is of African, Thai, Chinese, American Indian, and European descent.

2. He was nicknamed Tiger after a Vietnamese soldier and friend of his father who also had that nickname.

3. He was only eight years old when he scored his first hole-in-one.

4. His average club head speed is 125 mph compared to the average golfer's 84 mph.

Tiger Woods
Aged 27
Winner of 8 major titles
Youngest ever World No. 1

5. Tiger became world number one after only 42 weeks as a professional at the age of 21.

6. Tiger is the only professional to hold all four major championships at the same time.

7. At 27, Tiger holds the record for the most wins by a player under 30.

8. His five year sponsorship deal with Nike is worth $90m.

9. In 2002 he paid the most tax in the Chinese city of Shenzhen - after just one weekend of work.

10. 2003 - Woods may have missed out on a major for the first year since 1998, but still won five times to stay world number one.

1. David Beckham grew up in east London but was a Manchester United fan and joined the club aged 16 despite interest from Spurs and Arsenal.

2. David was sent out on loan to Preston North End when he was 19 but Alex Ferguson called him back after just five games.

3. Posh and Becks are the nation's favourite couple according to a survey of newspaper column inches by the BBC programme Celebdaq.

4. David Beckham was the first Westerner to be used for advertising in the Islamic Republic of Iran until the posters were covered in black drapes.

David Beckham playing for England
Aged 28
England football captain and Real Madrid midfielder
BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2001

5 . There is a gold-plated statue of David in a temple in Thailand and Japanese fans once made a life-size scale chocolate replica.

6. David's multimillion salary is boosted by sponsorship deals which have included Marks & Spencer, Pepsi and Adidas.

7. His car collection includes a 166,000 Bentley Arnage with a 6.75-litre V8 engine and leather baby-seats.

8. The Daily Mirror appointed a David Beckham correspondent after his move to Real Madrid and other media outlets have followed suit.

9. The Open University reported a "huge boost" in people taking up Spanish language courses following Beckham's move to Real Madrid.

10. Over one million David Beckham shirts have been sold since he joined Real Madrid, representing well over 50% of the club's shirt sales.

World's Most Powerful: Woods v Beckham was broadcast
on Thursday 11 December 2003 at 2150 GMT on BBC Two

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