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About the programme
Alvin Hall
Alvin Hall asks: Who is the most powerful?

The World's Most Powerful examines some of the most powerful celebrities in the world. It traces their stardom back to its roots and plots their path to fame.

Financial guru, Alvin Hall weighs up their celebrity and influence and answers the question: Who is the World's Most Powerful?

There are thousands of young children crazy about football. What made David Beckham different? And how did Oprah Winfrey emerge from poverty and a troubled childhood to become a household name and the first black female billionaire?

Sport, pop and technology

Each programme looks at a different field of achievement - sport, popular culture and technology. Alvin speaks to the people who witnessed or even helped shape the careers of the superstars.

How do they cope? What are their moments of fame and their moments of shame? Alvin uses his financial and business skills to analyse their careers and to measure their economic power.

Who can dictate a business deal on their own terms? Who can send us rushing out to buy the products they endorse?

Week by week

In the first programme Alvin follows the colourful careers of Oprah Winfrey and Madonna.
Week by Week
Oprah Winfrey v Madonna
Bill Gates v Steve Jobs
Tiger Woods v David Beckham

In week two, he investigates the business world's most dynamic achievers, comparing the lives of two self-made billionaires, Bill Gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of Apple.

And in the final programme he finds out about two sporting superstars, David Beckham and Tiger Woods.

After each programme, there will be a vote here on the website on who you think is the World's Most Powerful. And you can have your say by sending us your views. A selection will be posted here on the website.

World's Most Powerful was broadcast during November and December 2003.

Why would you want to be famous?
04 Apr 03  |  Entertainment


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