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The art of war


Three war artists offer their insights into the depiction of modern military conflict. Xavier Pick, Arabella Doorman and Nick Bashall have been to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo.

"People refer to me as a war artist," said Pick, who spent six weeks with military forces in Basra. "I prefer to think of myself as an artist who just happens to work in conflict zones."

Rather than illustrating the actual event, Pick is trying to capture the themes and the atmosphere over a period of time.

Xavier Pick explains why he became a war artist and Arabella Doorman talks about her paintings.

Both Pick and Doorman try to stay out of politics with their art.

"I am not for or against occupation or combat operations in Iraq," said Doorman. "I am merely trying to record what the soldiers are doing - and that is an extraordinary job."

Doorman says she went to Iraq with very few preconceptions. She returned overwhelmed and humbled by her experience.

"The professionalism, the bravery and the comradery of our soldiers is something that I wanted to portray above everything else," said Doorman. "They are extraordinary men."


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