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Education Thursday, 13 December, 2007, 11:06 GMT
Lunch Lesson 21 - Business makeover
How a couple overhauled a sandwich chain to maximise profits.

Savoir Beds Lunch Lesson 20 - Motivating your staff
How two companies - one large and one small - try to get the best out of their workers.

Stephen Poulter Lunch Lesson 19 - Dealing with debt
How a courier company is struggling because so many of its clients don't pay the bills on time.

Karen Parker and Bongo Lunch Lesson 18 - Finding a market
One woman's love of her pet ferrets has led her to set up a successful internet business.

Lunch Lesson 17 - Pricing
The Easygroup's attempts to cut the cost of going to the cinema has come up against some early problems.

Domestic help Lunch Lesson 16 - Franchising
Selling franchises has enabled one cleaning business in Northampton to expand rapidly.

Lunch Lesson 15 - Using technology
Providing the latest financial information to City firms has become a competitive business.

Give me the facts!
The Student Guide to Lunch Lesson 15 - Using technology.

Gill Crowther, Head of Great Managers at Microsoft Lunch Lesson 14 - Recruitment
Microsoft works hard to get the best staff - and even harder to make sure it keeps them

Russel Asquith Lunch Lesson 13 - Starting young
How one young entrepreneur is hoping his business idea will clean up.

Lunch Lesson 12 - Marketing options
We take a look at a storage company's marketing strategy.

Suit Lunch Lesson 11 - Production options
We follow one company which has switched production to Hungary to cut costs.

CDs Lunch Lesson 10 - Promoting products
How one man hit on an unusual way of publicising his business idea.

Soup Lunch Lesson Nine - Raising finance
How an angel has been helping a fledgling soup business.

Furniture Lunch Lesson Eight - Objectives
A business making children's furniture has adjusted its plans as it has developed.

Lunch Lesson Seven - Competition & regulation
An online contact lens retailer has had to set up his business by the book.

Woodworking Lunch Lesson Six - Production methods
A bed company employs blind and partially sighted workers to make its handmade products.

Lunch Lesson Five - Breaking even
A golfing website shows a solid base is vital if a business is to make money.

Lunch Lesson Four - The euro
How two British companies are affected by the new currency.

Dog Lunch Lesson Three - Private partnerships
An animal charity has linked up with a private company so it can expand its services for sick pets.

Farmer and chef Lunch Lesson Two - Supply
One restaurant has managed to shorten its supply chain and improve the quality of the produce it uses.

Lunch Lesson One - Getting the customers
We revisit two of our start-ups to see if they've managed to pull in the business.

a note for teachers A message for teachers
Find out how we can support your lessons. Our aim is to make business fun, accessible and relevant - helping you to teach and students to stay interested.

Jargon Buster Jargon Buster
Has the mumbo-jumbo of business got you scratching your head? Perhaps this will help.
Vodafone logo Lunch Lesson 14 - Financial performance
Adam guides you through the maze of a financial report, using Vodafone's half year results as an example.
Jordan Grand Prix talks to business consultants Lunch Lesson 17 - Company doctor
Formula 1 is all about glorious success or spectacular failure - Jordan has had both. Now the company, like the cars, is getting some fine tuning.
Euro notes Lunch Lesson 15 - The euro
On the first day of 2002 a dozen European countries will abandon their own currencies in favour of the Euro. If you think it won't affect Britain, think again.

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