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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 November 2007, 19:19 GMT
Sky Challenger Picoo Z helicopter set
Simon Gompertz
By Simon Gompertz

Sky Challenger Picoo Z helicopter set
Sky Challenger Picoo Z helicopter set, lent to us by

Any toy which requires 12 AA batteries makes my hackles rise from the start.

But these two tiddly helicopters from China will cause gasps of delight when they come out of the Christmas sack.

They really do hover, turn and, on a couple of occasions, we did manage to get one to zap the other in the air.

10 year old Georgina Lacey-Solymar reviews the helicopters

By the way, they are so small and light that indoor use seemed the best choice.

Outside, they'd be lost in a few minutes, taken by the breeze.

They caused pandemonium when I tried them out on a band of eight kids.

How the choppers survived I do not know. They were grabbed in mid-flight, crashed from a height of 10 feet and almost destroyed in the tramp of feet. One ended up tangled in my wife's hair.

So, they were a laugh.

But the batteries, which go in the consoles, were a big minus for me.

Mind you, you might not end up using many because I don't expect the Sky Challenger will be a long-lasting toy.

After a week of manic flying, some kids will have smashed the 'copters up, others will pack them up and shift their attention to something else.

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