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Last Updated: Friday, 28 September 2007, 10:25 GMT 11:25 UK
Friday 28th September 2007
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Equitable Life

Financial Giant

Simon asks the chairman of Equitable Life why he thinks the government has acted unfairly.

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Age Update

We ask if age discrimination in the workplace is still widespread a year after it was outlawed.

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Your Questions

Tax expert John Whiting answers all your questions in Consuming Issues.

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Bulldog products

Super Success

Rachel meets two entrepreneurs who have managed to get their male grooming products onto the supermarket shelves at the first attempt. How did they do it?

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Rubik's Cube

Cube Craze

Are we seeing a revival of an 80s craze - the Rubik's Cube?

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Ten pound notes

Board Game

Rob meets Nottingham's one-armed busker who has developed a board game.

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