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Simon Gompertz

Simon Gompertz
Simon Gompertz
Simon worked in the City and qualified as a Canadian stockbroker before bunking off to become a share tipster.

He insists that it's pure coincidence that the stock market experienced its worst crash since 1929 on the day that he started broadcasting.

Simon has worked on a range of BBC News programmes, including Today, The Money Programme and Auntie's Bloomers.

Rip-offs, frauds, financial black holes and companies in crisis are his daily diet.

But they are helped down with inspiring business ideas, investment opportunities and money-saving tips.

No lucrative suggestion is too small to be considered, no problem too large to be dealt with.

Lately he has been seen perched on a buoy in the middle of the Atlantic, unearthing zombies in the City and explaining how you can heat your home by running a fridge backwards.

Shortfalls, pocket money, pension money, wave power, nuclear power, consumer power: all things that are within Simon's remit.

So if you come across any such issues which you think should be aired on Working Lunch, please let him know.



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