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Mum's making money from home

Jeraldine Curran
Jeraldine Curran rents space to run her aerobics classes
Many women reach a crossroads in their careers when they have kids.

Some take the opportunity to change direction and start a completely new business.

Simon with Joanne Cauldfield
Joanne Cauldfield sells adverts for her community magazine

Simon travelled the country to meet mothers who've done exactly that and are now reaping the rewards.

Emma Carey with baby
Emma Carey's business allows her to spend lots of time with her daughter

In his first film he meets a woman running a local magazine franchise in Mumbles, just outside Swansea.

Next Simon visits a London textile designer and lecturer who wanted a way to help pay the bills while still spending time at home with baby.

And finally, we find out what it takes to start and run an innovative business as an aerobics instructor.

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