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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 October, 2004, 10:39 GMT 11:39 UK
Gift Registry wedding misery
The Gift Registry has left hundreds of newlyweds disappointed

Hundreds of couples could be left without their wedding presents after the collapse of an online gift company.

The Gift Registry went into administration after suffering losses of more than 300,000.

But the decision has left more than 350 couples without their gifts and many wedding guests out of pocket.

Anyone hit by the collapse will have to make a claim though their credit or debit card company, a notice on the firm's website says.

Devastating blow

Working Lunch has been inundated with emails and letters about The Gift Registry.

One viewer, Tony Batty, told us some friends of his who got married in August.

Nicola and Stuart Keith came back from their honeymoon unhappy, presumably, that the honeymoon was over.

But they were at least consoled with the thought of taking delivery of their wedding presents.

Understandably, they were shocked to find out what had happened to the company.

"It was a devastating blow," says Tony.

What to do

So the company is in administration - where does that leave everyone.

The Gift Registry's website says: "If any of your guests have paid for goods we have been unable to deliver, they will need to make a claim against their credit/debit card company."

With regard to credit cards, as long as the amount was over 100 you will be covered by the credit card company - even if only part of your purchase was done with the card.

So contact them

This protection is provided by the Consumer Credit Act.

For credit card purchases under 100 you will have to speak to your individual card issuer. Click here for a recent Working Lunch article on credit card purchase cover.

When it comes to debit cards, Visa have advised us that people who have bought gifts for under 100 will also be covered.

However, this does not apply to Switch/Maestro card


All 20 staff employed at The Gift Registry's offices in Chessington, Surrey, have been made redundant, administrators said.

The company allowed couples to make up a wedding list from a large number of stores - including Debenhams and Argos - which it would then organise and deliver.

According to reports, The Gift Registry made its money by adding up to 4 per item to the price usually charged by stores.

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