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Virginia Eastman
Would like to be a buyer for Tiffany's

Virginia joined Working Lunch in 2003. She brings a touch of glamour to the programme and is renowned for the quality of her Earl Grey tea.

What's been your best/fondest memory?

Darls, my fondest memory of Working Lunch will always be the sight I get to see and almost no-one else does. It's the wonderful spectacle of seeing Adam and Adrian pulling down their trousers to put their microphones in before we go on air - everyday.

Virginia gets an eyeful everyday!

What colour will their Y-fronts be today is always the most important question that needs answering - never mind the interview! If either of their wives knew I get an eyeful everyday I just don't know what they'd say!

That, and on the occasions that Adrian can persuade Adam to sing, 'Oh for the wings of a dove,' just as we're coming up to the opening credits - it's hysterical and the best bit of the day!

Must dash - bye!


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