Surveillance map of the UK

To see individual camera feeds, click on the map markers

With millions of public and private CCTV cameras, the UK is one of the most watched places in the world.

We want to see how much is already available and are producing a clickable map of feeds from cameras located throughout the country, showing high streets in towns and cities, beaches, mountains and other locations.

Use this map to explore different cameras around the UK.

Frequently asked questions

- I cannot get the map to work.

If you are having problems with the map, let us know using the feedback form below. Do not forget to tell us which browser you are using, and try to be precise about what went wrong.

- Some items on the map are not placed where they should be

For some of the content on the map we have only been able to plot the approximate location, for other pieces of content, if we plotted them too precisely, they would overlap and become very difficult to see clearly. Reports sent in by our users have been plotted on the map by the BBC team.


Did you find this map useful? How could it be improved? Tell us here.

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