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Here are the This World stories from Asia-Pacific, sorted by date, from January 2004.

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Torture and human experimentation in North Korea's secret prison camps.

The death of an Aboriginal teenager that sparked Australia's worst riot in recent years.

Television cameras are given exclusive access to Thailand's notorious Bangkwang prison.

Legal and arguably traditional in Japan, Paul Kenyon investigates "drive hunting".


The villagers of Lampuuk in Indonesia as they draw on their sense of community and enduring faith to rebuild their lives after the Asian tsunami.

With 40 million potential bachelors by 2020, China is sitting on an extraordinary demographic timebomb.


This World follows two young political activists, Murad and Emin, as they plan to stage a peaceful "Orange" revolution in oil-rich Azerbaijan.

The Japanese men who are having an extraordinary effect on the health of their wives.


This World follows the Lebanese lifeguards who are trying to change the negative image of Muslims in Australia.

This World reveals first-hand accounts from monks and students who participated in Burma's most recent uprising.


This World tells the story of a group of climbers who saw Chinese police shoot Tibetan pilgrims as they attempted to flee over the Himalayas.


This World tells the stories of North Koreans who risk torture and execution to escape their homeland and make the dangerous and difficult journey to South Korea.

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